Two To Review: Phenom – Murder Dem Remix, Boogey – 5am In Lagos



Apologies are in order for missing my weekly review last sunday. Blame it on excess ogogoro and my born day.

This week we’re jumping on the hip-hop band wagon strictly and going with joints from 2 of the most promising hip-hop acts in Nigeria. Yep I’m talking Phenom, The KnightHouse general & Boogey. These 2 cats have been causing serious commotion over the past year and interestingly dropped joints on the same week.

Let’s get it.

Phenom – Murder Dem Remix ft. WizKid

The original was a freestyle type tune, but ended up being a huge buzz booster for Phenom, and the remix took the track to greater heights. Getting WizKid on a track is already half the battle, and a sick beat from Legendury Beatz seals the deal pretty much. All Phenom had to do was do what he always does on track – Deliver.

Overall the track is hot! Better than the original (as it’s supposed to be), and does well to keep Phenom’s name buzzing in the streets and on the airwaves. Only down side is that it’s not Phenom’s best showing lyrically, but even not at 100% he’s still nice. WizKid does ok also, nothing we’d jump up and down for but not bad for the song.

Rating: 7/10

Listen Here


Boogey – 5am In Lagos

The name of the track already gives you the chills. Boogey jumps on tracks and creates somewhat of scary movie vibe because he goes for blood more times than not. 5am in Lagos, one can argue is one of the “realest” Nigerian songs I’ve heard in the past couple of months. It’s just so honest.

Boogey has never shied away from giving it to you straight, and brings something similar here. Lyrical content? Boogey gets an A on this one. He goes in on critics, fans criticizing mode9, and radio OAPs. “I’m pissed off, that you’re pissed off, that modo has gone commercial.” Real talk, and that’s just tip of the d*ck in.

Downside of the track is that the production could’ve been better. For some reason, the lyrical content makes the beat seem mediocre in comparison, but that might be the purpose. The beat can’t get all the attention all the time.

Rating: 7.5/10

Listen Here

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