Two To Review: Niyola – Toh Bad, Dumebi – Kill Me Die


This past week wasn’t a super great music week, but overall it wasn’t a bad one. Not a lot songs in comparison to previous weeks, however I was still able to sift through and pick two joints to review. Going with songs from 2 female act this week. From EME’s Niyola & upcoming act, Dumebi.

Let’s get right into it to wrap up May.

Niyola – Toh Bad

I’ve been on Niyola‘s tail since before she joined forces with EME, and since she made her debut on Jaguda way back in 2011. I’ve had a hard time putting a finger on what exactly she’s about, but with this new joint, Toh Bad, I think I’ve figured it out. She’s really just Niyola. You can’t really be compared to anyone else.

The new joint is a solid effort, and the combination of the beat, the melody, & the laid back vocals all blend in well to make an easy to enjoy & marketable track. The down side to the jam is that it’s not necessarily Niyola’s best vocal performance, but it’s just enough to carry the song. Oscar did pretty well on the beat & the lyrics (and chorus) are lovely & simple enough to make even 8 year old sing along for months to come.

Overall it’s a nice joint, but it doesn’t really make me jump up in excitement.

Rating: 7.5/10

Listen Here


Dumebi – Kill Me Die

Just 3 months ago, Dumebi made her debut on’s bubbling under segment with 3 singles. This week she dropped yet another joint, Kill Me Die showing that she’s not trying to slow down for anyone.

On the new track, nothing is as painful as listening to a song that is good, from an artist with a solid voice, but the production quality is bad. Listening to this song you can’t help but admire Dumebi’s voice – a very soulful, strong & deep voice. The lyrics are also pretty nice as well as the actual beat, however much gets lost in the quality/mixing of the song. Almost make you annoyed. The bright side is that it’s easily fixable for future tracks, and with better quality it could’ve easily been a jam to remember.

Overall though, it’s a good effort from the upcoming act, and it doesn’t seem like there will be anything but forward progress.

Rating: 6/10

Listen Here


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