Two To Review: Gunzz – Broken Heart, Ice Prince – VIP


We’re back once again on this sunday to pick 2 songs released in the past week to review. It was kinda difficult seeing that a LOT of track were released this past week, but we can only 2, and so I had to pick 2.

So here goes.

Gunzz – Broken Heart

Gunzz hasn’t really hit a lot of folks radar yet, but that should change soon if he drops more tune like Broken Heart. Now I’m not sure if it’s the combination of the beat and lyrics, but the whole song comes together very well. A song that will get the hip-hop fans nodding their heads, and peeps googling his name.

The beat is A class, the lyrics are solid enough, and the ad-libs and hook are not bad at all. Overall after listening to the song it’s hard to pick out something wrong with it. Impressive.

Rating: 8.5/10

Listen here


Ice Prince – VIP

If you’ve been following me on twitter then you probably caught some of my tweets about this song. My first thought (as well as that of many others) was that, this song sounds just like Aboki. Now it’s one thing to “stick with the same style”, but it’s another thing to photocopy and song and change a few things about it. I’m an Ice Prince fan, but I must say I was kinda disappointed. Paper chasing tactics I guess.

Now with that being said, the song will probably still do well, and as a stand alone song it’s actually good. The beat is solid from ChopSti, and Ice price style stays the same (obviously) and the chorus is nice, just like with Aboki. It’s just not fresh and doesn’t get one excited.

Rating: 5/10

Listen here


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