Two To Review: Yung6ix – Before I Go Broke ft. Olamide + Banky W – Jasi



This past week so some of the biggest names in Nigerian music drop either new singles or new videos, and you can tell everyone is trying to put on in before the end of the year.

This week we review songs from 2 big name artists – well one big name and another almost big name. Let’s get to it.

Yung6ix – Before I Go Broke ft. Olamide

Yung6ix has had an ok year compared to the high expectations we had for him at the beginning of the year, and there have been mixed review from his last singles, but on this one, Yung6ix goes back to basics and gives us what we have come to expect from him anytime he blesses the mic.

The beat by Otee Beatz is a fairly simple one, and makes it easy to pick out exactly what Yung6ix and Olamide are saying so you get to listen very well to the lyrics and flow from the two. Yung6ix for the most part did well lyrically even though there were some cheesy lines here and there (I’m not here to judge you/ cos george is in the jungle/So no need worry(warri) cos that’s where I’m from), but overall it is not bad. Olamide did what he always does on features and that’s hold his own.

All in all it’s not a bad track to insert into the playlist if you’re a hip-hop lover, but it might not be the one you’ll remember Yung6ix for.

Rating: 6/10

Listen Here


Banky W – Jasi

If you’re a strict Banky W fan this will be a hard one to give a verdict on. On one hand it’s very unlike him especially the playful lyrics of the song, and on the other hand it’s refreshing to see him do this and in a way, it exposes the more playful side of Mr W.

The beat from MasterKraft works well enough, the melody and vibe of the song is pretty good, but really it’s the lyrics that will sell you on the song. If you do understand what is being said, it’s very easy to catch on, smile and love it. (Pretty much telling a girl he can’t buy the Bugatti and Massaratti but will take care of her regardless). The problem though is if you don’t understand then it’s not as great and takes some effort get a hang of it. But that’s with a lot of songs in our diverse Nigerian culture right?

Overall though, I’ll say experimentation worked to a degree. The reception so far on air has been solid, and you cant argue with that. I’d put it on my playlist, and I’m sure most DJs would too. Whether or not it becomes a hit? Time will tell.

Rating: 7/10

Listen Here


Review by Aribaba [@aribabaj]

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