Two To Review: Tonto Dike – Sugar Rush | Burna Boy – Don Gorgon



It’s been about 3 weeks right? Yes once again I apologize for not bringing another round of review your way. Blame it on my trip to Brazil, and all the world cup shenanigans. It was fun so this apology is with a smiling face.

Anywhoo I’m back and reviewing 2 songs that were really just released over the last couple of days.

Tonto Dikeh – Sugar Rush

Tonto Dikeh aka Poko aka Poko Lee released this new tune as an official member of Dbanj’s Lee family, but it still doesn’t change the fact that many of us don’t take her seriously when it comes to music. But hey it’s a free world, and you’re allowed to do whatever you want to do. Right? Unless you’re in North Korea.

Now this song, Sugar Rush, first off is almost a complete rip from Dorobucci (even if Don Jazzy says otherwise, it’s pretty audible even to the deaf). However once you get past that fact, the song is not as bad as I expected. The beat is pretty nice (Dorobucci-like) but lyrically it’s below average, and has a bunch of repeated lines that seem jumbled up together. Listening to it one can hardly tell the difference between the verses and the chorus, or if it’s supposed to be all meshed together.

Overall it’s another song from Tonto Dikeh that we’ll all forget about in about a month or so, or until the next big publicity scheme. But in some odd way, we still enjoy seeing and hearing all this. It’s all entertainment.

Rating: 4/10



Burna Boy – Don Gorgon

Burna Boy has his own unique style, and hardly deviates from it and for very good reason. It’s working, and working very well for that matter.

Don Gorgon is classic Burna Boy. The beat from Spellz sets the tone, and from the first 5 seconds you already know is tailored for Burna. The melody, vibe, and feel of the song takes you to your favorite Burna record instantly. His flow-style through the song switches up periodically so keep the listener excited, and remove the element of a monotonous song. In addition he bites a clip from Arrested Development’s Everyday People, again taking us to a happy memory of a song.

Overall the song is very solid, and will add the to the growing collection of Burna Boy hits. It doesn’t completely sweep you off your feet (yet) but there’s really anything hardly wrong with it. Solid!

Rating: 7.5



That’s all from me! (@aribabaj) Now let’s hear it from you.


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