Two To Review: Selebobo – Oroma Baby (Remix) | EFA – Sunmobi (Remix)



Happy Monday people, and happy new week to everyone especially those in the US and Canada who had a long weekend. It’s back to reality here. This week we’ll be reviewing 2 remixes. One from Selebobo, one of the hottest producers in the game right now, and the other from one of nigeria’s most underrated rappers, Efa.

Selebobo – Oroma Baby Remix ft. Davido

Selebobo’s beatz has been of a lot of hit tracks over the last year or so, and so when you see he has a track with a top notch artist in Davido, your mouth waters in anticipation. I didn’t get to listen to the original when it was first released in 2013 so I was kinda excited. Unfortunately with the talent featured on this track, it comes off missing the spot.

The beat of the song sounds recycled from another self-produced track, the hook is generic, and the lyrics (Davido’s included) are average and have multiple repeated lines. In summary, the song is very average and quite disappointing considering the creators of the track. I definitely expected much better.

Rating: 5/10


Efa – Sunmobi Remix ft. Olamide

It’s somewhat of an odd couple on this track. Efa and Olamide don’t really roll in the same style of hip-hop per say, and it was gonna be interesting to see how both will do on a track together.

This is not your typical Efa track, and initially I was taken aback by the high tempo beat and commercial sounding hook but 30 seconds into the song, I knew that this song right here might be the hit we’ve been waiting for from Efa. It’s not a huge contrast from the original, but this one is much more refined and radio friendly. The high tempo portion of the original is used all through the remix with a crispier sound. The lyrics from both Efa and Olamide are good enough to keep the song enjoyable, but not too deep so as to lose the audience.

Overall it’s a very good song from Efa, and one that could put him in a more radio friendly light (which I’m sure was the plan). It’s already in my playlist, and it should be in yours too. Oti blow!

Rating: 7.5/10




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