Two To Review: Saeon – Boogie Down Ft. Wizkid + Sarz – Ise Yen (Work) ft. Reminisce



It’s Friday people! Time for yet another review session. Today we’re reviewing 2 new joints from Saeon and Sarz. Let’s get into the matter.

Saeon – Boogie Down ft. Wizkid

The beat of this joint put together by Maleek is ridiculously sick, and sets off the song on the right note. On first listen, you get straight into the groove, and with talented artists like Saeon and WizKid on the bill anyone would get excited to listen longer into the song.

However the lyrics from both Saeon and WizKid fail to meet the high level the beat already brought. WizKid, as we know is not the lyrically gifted artist out there, so a lot of the responsibility falls on Saeon, and her lyrics (“you batty batty, very naughty naughty, you looking like you want a taste of me” repeated 2ce), were also really watered down, and subsequently the song lacks a major punch.

Overall it’s a good song to vibe with without necessarily paying attention to the lines. The beat, melody and the hook are all good enough to make you nod your head, but I don’t see scattering the charts.

Rating: 6/10

Listen Here


Sarz – Ise Yen (Work) ft. Reminisce

Sarz is as talented of a producer as you will find in Nigeria, and he’s proved that time and time again. This week he drops this new tune with Reminisce that will definitely boost up his resume (like it needs anymore boosting).

The beat for this tune is serious, and even though it sounds like a blend of his Kako Bi Chicken beat blended with the beat from Snoop’s I Wanna Rock, it comes out pretty hot even if it’s not entirely fresh. The end of the song sees Sarz switch it up to a less aggressive beat, and he uses that portion to showcase his skills. As for Reminisce? He didn’t have to do too much but just deliver as he always does.

The song overall is good package, and one they’ll definitely make my playlist. Only down side to me is I can’t seems to shake off Snoop’s I Wanna Rock beat in the background when I listen to it.

Rating: 7/10

Listen Here


Review by Aribaba [@aribabaj]

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  1. Sampling beats isn’t a bad thing. After all snoops “I wanna rock ” also sampled a lil of his “drop it like its hot” with pharell. So if u ask me “isen yen” has no down side. D joint dope!


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