Two To Review: Phyno – O Set ft. P-Square + Splash – Ego Uwa



First off apologies for not making it last week for this review piece. Now let’s get into the matter.

This week we’ll be reviewing two artists who pretty much do almost the same thing. Both igbo rappers that flow predominantly in their native tongue. Phyno and Splash, though having different levels of fame are both unique in their own style and you can say, are leaders in the new school of native rappers.

Phyno – O Set ft. P-Square

On first look, you’ll see this as a dream collabo between one of the hottest names in Naija hip-hop and the hottest brand in Naija music over the past 10 years. Phyno and P-Square surely could only come together and create straight magic. That was my initial thought.

Unfortunately it didn’t have that same effect on listening to it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a decent song, but it comes off as a forced attempt to produce a catchy hit song as opposed to both parties doing their thing naturally. Phyno sounds outside of his box, and P-Square did their usual generic thing which can be painful to listen to when it goes wrong.

Overall the song is not bad. The hook “O seti go, O Set” could do well to stick in the minds of folks though, and with songs like this it might receive enough spins that it ends up sticking in your mind. However it’s definitely not up to what we’ve come to expect from Phyno, and it wont be one of those songs I’ll be remembering him for.

Rating: 6/10

Listen Here


Splash – Ego Uwa ft. Gentle

Splash has really been on her grind over the past couple of years, and her tune Church Agbasa won her a good amount of fans especially in the east.

On listening to this tune, Ego Uwa, the one thing that sticks out the most is Splash’s flow. It’s more refined, cleaner, and more natural than I’ve heard from her. But on the downside, the beat of the song kinda drowns her flow a bit and quite frankly doesn’t do justice to what she’s spitting. Gentle, as talented as he is, does his thing, but I can’t say it’s the best we’ve heard from him.

Overall it’s a good effort from the femcee, and it’ll keep the fans on her side. The talent is definitely there. Whether or not this song will take her to the next level is what I’m not convinced about.

Rating: 6.5/10

Listen Here

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  1. Oh please you’re just hating! Phyno is bigger than Jaguda so why are you hating on him?

    The song is on point. Phyno biko nwannem keep doing your thing.

  2. The mistake phyno made was 2 bring on psquare on his jam. The twins just do feel good music and its near impossible 4 them 2 jump any other kinda beat but d regular ones they used 2. Now phyno is a hip-hop artist but becos he thot he had 2 feature psquare he used a beat they can sing on. I’m sure he won’t make dis mistake ever again.

  3. Aribaba, na True Talk, Phyno almost Flopped, and By The Way, The Song Is Unlike Psquare, And Phyno’s Lines Now And Then Is Always AbouT HATERS!, am just sick and tired of it, And Phyno Should Know That Too, The Superstories Are Too Much, Its Time For Him To step up, And Give Us Something More Exclusive like Multiply Rmx, Ghostmode, And PARCEL.
    Now Splash, She Z On Fire, Its Unlike Her Gender, But As For Now, She Z Still Unique, And She Z Doing Different Things You Can’t Predict, Unlike Phyno Who Z Always Devoted To Tell Stories About Himself And His HATERS Who I Will Say Are Fictional, O SET: 5/10, EGO UWA: 6/10


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