Two To Review: Maleek Berry – Feel Me ft. WizKid + Mo’Cheddah – My Time



This week we working on 2 joints from artists that have had their share of hits over the past couple of years, Mo’Cheddah and Maleek Berry.

The review is coming a day late but no vex; Blame it all on the world cup and the shenanigans that followed. Let’s get into it without too much long story.

Maleek Berry – Feel Me ft. WizKid

Maleek Berry and WizKid created magic with The Matter, and since then anytime I see a track with both of them involved, I quickly tune my antennas in that direction and hope to get a repeat.

Unfortunately this one left me fairly disappointed. It’s not a bad song, but it’s not anything so great. The beat from Maleek Berry (I assume) is okay but really needed some serious lyrical work, and WizKid as he often does didn’t deliver in that front. The lyrics are recycled; The same “Whine for me,” “Baby give it to me,” “She dey high me like pori” stuff we’ve heard numerous times. It’s becoming predictable. The hook does a bit to save the song and makes it not too bad to listen to.

Overall it’s a song I’ll probably forget soon. Who knows, it might warm up to people, but for now it’s not something going close to my playlist.

Rating: 5/10




Mo’Cheddah – My Time

The follow up single for Mo’Cheddah’s Destinambari dropped as a total surprise to many, but for her fans that were itching for anything new from her, it’s a welcome surprise.

The new single, My Time, is not what I had hoped for however. Following the high her last single, this one is somewhat of a letdown. The beat from ChopStix is really not his best ever, the lyrics are actually pretty good and send a nice message, the hook is average, and everything combines for a song that is not bad but maybe should’ve been worked a little bit more.

In summary, it’s not the song I’ll think of when I think of the new improved Mo’Cheddah but combined with the video it should do well to keep the buzz going. For me? I’m going back to Destinambari.

Rating: 5/10


Peace out people! Till next time!

Reviewed by Aribaba [followbutton username=”aribabaj” count=”true” lang=”en” theme=”light”]

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  1. I beg to disagree with the review of Mo’ Cheddah. I feel “my time” is a good joint. Gives us the image of a matured cheddah. I think you should grow with her aribaba

  2. Mo Cheddah’s joint is a solid 3/10. She should stop abeg. Maleek berry fell hand too… 2/10.
    Aribaba you’re wayyy too generous with these reviews and I know it’s cos you like famzing with them


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