Two To Review: Lynxxx – Leave Story | Di’Ja – Yaro (Remix)



Happy Monday people, and Happy New Month to those of us that didn’t wake up till Sunday :). This week we’re back once again jumping on review for songs from Lynxxx and Mavin records newest diva, Di’Ja. No long story… let’s get into it.

Lynxxx – Leave Story

Lynxxx has put a lot of pride in his style of music which he has called Jollof Music, which is also the name of his upcoming album. Pretty music wey dey sweet your belle (I’m guessing).

His new song, Leave Story, however is not one of the songs we’d like to remember as song wey dey sweet belle. The beat from E-Kelly, as talented as we know he can be, is not really original or refreshing, the hook is pretty generic (“Mama leave story” over and over again), and the lyrics from Lynxxx are average at best. Calling names of clubs, and artists while saying “shoky shoky” (sp) isn’t really what will get my blood pumping. It’s billed as a party jam for clubs and in that club moment it could very pass the mark, but everything else about it generic and uninspiring.

Lynxxx has had some serious hits with his Jollof music style, but in my opinion this isn’t one of them.

Rating: 5/10


Di’Ja – Yaro (Remix) ft. Ice Prince

Mavin Records 2nd lady (can we say that?) Di’Ja is putting in work to create a fan base for herself, and leave a mark in the entertainment industry. Working with Don Jazzy is a great start, and teaming up with Ice Prince for the remix of her song Yaro in theory should be a plus.

The original song was missing a bit of a bite, and that’s what Ice Prince brought on the remix. The beat is solid – like we expected anything different from Don Baba J – and the hook is catchy enough to make you remember the song. The only problem I have with this song (remix and original) is the lyrics from Di’Ja. It’s not really what anyone will be remembering, and sounds like something we’ve all heard before.

Overall it’s a decent tune, and should get its fair share of spins thanks to the whole package of the song. However, we’d expect much better from Di’Ja on the follow up single.

Rating: 6/10


That’s all folks. Till next time. Oh and peeps this is purely my view and my opinion. Don’t come and attack me on social media… or do. That’s on you 🙂

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