Two To Review: Emma Nyra – Elele + Dbanj – Bother You



Friday people! What a week it has been in music. With valentine’s day around the corner, it seems like every artist and their momsy was trying to drop a song this week. Sheesh! Cant complain too much though.

Let’s get into it.

Emma Nyra – Elele ft. Davido

On the very first listen of this tune, I had smiles all over face. Finally Emma Nyra had a song that could potentially strike gold (with the right push of course). Listening more and more, I was able to settle down and pay more attention.

Elele is a nice song by all standards. The up tempo beat from Selebobo sets the tone, the lyrics from Emma Nyra are not the best thing ever but it’s good enough for the song. Davido’s showing however was pretty weak. With the exception of his big name on the song, he didn’t offer much more,and actually puts a bit of a downer on the song.

Overall though it’s a good to have song. It could swing either way in terms of being a hit, but I’d put my money on it making some waves. And yes, it makes my ipod playlist.

Rating: 6.8/10

Listen Here


Dbanj – Bother You

The hot, cold and lukewarm of Dbanj flashes once again. After major hype for the single, Dbanj drops another song that just falls in the mid point between not bad, and not good.

The melody and beat of the song is lovely. It starts off as something that’ll be a great listen, and you wont help but feel the melody. Unfortunately lyrically this song is completely void of anything substantial. A good amount lyrics are recycled from many songs; From “siesta forever, whenever, however” to “too sweet like cake-icing,” it seems like Dbanj ran out of ideas on this one.

Good thing Dbanj is a strong brand, and his attachment of this song to the movie, Half of a Yellow Sun means it’s already a win for him. Chances are you’ll remember the song for that simple fact, but as a stand alone song, it’ll fall in the mid point between not bad, and not good.

Rating: 6/10… 5/10

Listen Here


That’s all folks. Happy Friday, and Happy valentine’s day. *plugs in Finally into ipod*

Reviewed By Aribaba [@aribabaj]

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