Top 5 From The BackFlips Freestyle Contest! Vote Now!


It wasn’t easy at all. We received over 50 freestyles in just over a week, and some were hot, and some not so much, but between the whole crew we were able to pick the top 5 freestyles and it’s now the turn of you guys to vote for your favorite.

Remember the winner get a cash prize of N50,ooo, a week background ad and one month of side bar ad. Total worth is over N100,000.00.

So let’s get right into it. You can only vote once so we’ll try to keep it fair.

Top 5: RapLord, Shaqwon, Gunzz, Krazee Lee, McSkills

Remember, the beat is brought to you by Kid Konnect! Monster beat!


You can also listen below for those that cant listen via mobile.







Krazee Lee




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  1. RAPLORD be spitting fire, doing wha he was born to do. His rap is so fly that people thought his momma gave birth to an airplane!!! #RAPLORD #DOPE #SWT-MUSIC

  2. Ya’all should vote for Krazy mehn!! I heard all 5 rappers who are all gud no sentiments attached bt c’mmon KRAZY is sicker dat 7 STD’s……

  3. Guy… Kray as fuck, and u kill it like u so fuckin on point and step on others with fullforce… That’s krazy lee for u…

  4. Gunzz,top 10 Gunzz,top 10,top 5…tho I think he is a bigger Mc nw nd shldnt b doin freestyle contests. Gunzz is by far the artiste that killed it the most..Fast flow,punchlines,slow flow,word play…The 1st line jst made my day ‘U cnt see wat I smell if u ain’t gat eyes on ur nostrils’…Damn! Gunzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  5. Make una no cheat this thing,God favors the hard worker. Pls Shaqwon put this beat to bed. Make kid connect pick who has potential to be signed by him. Pls. Shaqwon I know I will hear more

  6. If Gunzz doesn’t win dis thing,I’l go and commit sucide..Gunzzzzzzzzz is a freakinf Beast…Did ya’ll actually listen 2 dat???shiiii

  7. Ma vote goes out 2 Mr Gunzz!!! Dat dude is jst gettn warmed up cuz he’s more dan hot bur flames….#Teamillville

  8. wow… haven’t met any of these guys before but.. Keeping it real!! The realXniccur #KrazieLee has got dis one. U know its Krazie Lee.

  9. All dat fake yankee rap na disgracefully woo woo flows.Thunder fire all those wey say no be Shaqwon top this list. Are you deaf?? Hia!

  10. I felt ya’ll shld av jst called out the winner straight nd dat wld have been Gunzz…I stumbled on dis on the internet,heard all of the freestyles nd Gunzz had d punchlines and crazy word plays plus his ability 2 go fast and slow..I jst wnt 2 encourage Gunzz dat I know u will win dis and even if u don’t,smthn greater awaits u.

  11. Kudos 2 all mcs i mean all of youll reallllllyyyy went smashing, though its very difficult to make a choice so frm my perspective i chose GUNZZZ I mean , wow real talk boy


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