#ThrowBack Veno Marioghae – Nigeria Go Survive

veno marioghae nigeria go survive

1984 seems like such a long time right? 31 years to be exact.

But that is when Veno Marioghae, native of Delta State, released this song, Nigeria Go Survive, that became somewhat of an eternal hope anthem for Nigeria. The song was released in the middle of a trying period for Nigeria with oil prices crashing, and money from the government pretty much drying up. Social amenities were not in a good state.

And where is Veno Marioghae now? She exited from the music scene in the 90s after releasing her second album. She had other hits “Thank You Jah” ,“Iwa Ti Yo” and “Siobo Nome”.

She’s now married with 3 children, and works for her church.

Enjoy this tune, and remember if Nigeria has survived the past 31 years, then in the midst  of all that’s going on, Nigeria will in fact survive much longer.

Now singing “Andrew no check out o… Say what?


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