Throwback Thursday | Bright Chimezie – African Style



Raise your hand if you remember this song. I don’t expect anyone to NOT know this song. This is our throwback joint for the day. A true classic… “In the year 1974, I travel to oyimbo man country. Ala beke o, Ala beke. Obodo ndi ocha.

Bright Chimezie is a true classic highlife king, and this song African Style, released in the 80s is an all time classic. Bright Chimezie and the Zzigima movement have since cooled down a bit on their music (mainstream anyways), but his impact will definitely be felt for generations to come.

He’s currently moved back to his village in Ekeoba, Umuahia where he still does music lowkey, and travels for shows around the world.


SideNote: Shout out to the video chicks that wore traditional iro and buba back in the day 🙂



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