Thank You… It’s been a Great Year!!!



2009 has been a great year for us for the simple fact that this is our first year open. By this time last year, there was no such thing as I still remember back in march when we (the team) were pondering over what we wanted to do with this site. I still remember sending mass texts to friends asking for opinions and suggestions, and now here we are at the end of the year and I can say that we have definitely come a long way. A lot of times we can get caught up in our ambitions that we forget to look back at how far we’ve gotten, and all the help we got along the way, directly or indirectly.

With that being said, We at will like to thank the following people, organizations, and websites for supporting us through our first calendar year. We really appreciate it.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank the Staff:

Aribaba for writing all the crazy stuff. DoublePrince for consistently covering every event he could get a hold of. Mekus for being the business engine behind the site.

Next we’d like to give a huge thank you to the original writers and editors on when we were not even visible to most nigerians. One babe like that – For being our first trouble maker with ur post on African vs African American women. As much as that pissed people off, the traffic was ridiculous… Thanks for the spamming on Naija websites too. Fashion411 – Thanks for all you support and promotion, and for being our first fashion writer.. For believing is us when a lot doubted what we were trying to do. Original Mgbeke – Thanks for your support, and exposure on your personal blog… Nah u give us small levels man. Local Boy – thanks for all the support and promo in j-town. Meyonce, Meyonce… I no fit even start with the thanks man… thanks for those your posts that drove traffic to the site, and for bombarding Naija Ryders with links. Odunayo – you be better person. Your Friday Fashion fix has diversified us a great deal. Thanks for it. Sanka Sanka Sanka – Our other trouble maker. Omo U already know the way now… Preciate the support my guy.

Next we’ll like to thanks the folks that supported us in the beginning with ideas, suggestions, and just all around support… even if it’s just as simple as telling a friend to check out the site. Nonso, Chinedu, Igwe (Omo you repped mad… Thanks for the major support and connects), 60Watz, Miyo86, Vanchizzle, Shubby( u promoed like this is ur handwork), Fonnie, Yoshi, Moyo (thanks for the mad support), Tosin, Somie, Bisi Ogene, Aphrodite, Ngozi aka Benediction (Madam – Thanks for the encouraging words always), Tochuwku, Chuka, Chisom, Jay, Akin, Outlook Nation (big ups to outlook nation). Thanks a lot.

Where would we be without our major contributors, and commenters…. nah these people dey drive the gist for the site man. Shout outs to Licious (aka Ms. O… U probably commented on 80% of our posts… Thanks a lot), Bombcell in ATL (Thanks for the love and support and your contribution), Nice Anon, Certified Trouble Maker (Omo if to say some babes know you, them for mail u letter bomb. Thanks man), angelsoulstar, Ms Bolaessence O (Thanks for that rebuttal), Eleniyan (Thanks for the socially conscious articles man. Def appreciated.), Reformed Ajebutta (I hope the comments didn’t scare u away…lol), Nigernomics (Omo this guy is the next CBN governor… watch out for him), pamelastitch, Obrume, sifushka, T.L.Bridges, hot stuff, AfroGeekChic aka LoloBloggs (Your rebuttal on your blog was one of a kind and probably opened our eyes about what we post more than you imagines… thanks for the support), NaijaPyscho (Omo you scared a lot of people on the site man with your raw and real comments), dannybagucc (guy… where have you been?), lucidlilith, King ola, da1stlady, and many more folks that comment that we can’t remember now. If we forget you no vex… Thanks for the mad support… sometimes the comments are more interesting than the post itself… Thanks a lot.

Omo we know that no naija website can move forward without major support from other naija organizations that are also doing big things. Major shout outs to (Demola and Ovie)… you guys are really doing it big for naija music. Thanks for the support man and for letting us know what naija music is worth listening to at all. DJ Mighty Mike… Our personal person – I no fit shout man. You’ve been a great help, pub, and sending promo music. Bella Naija – Thanks for being the source of all inspiration for almost all naija blog sites on the internet. Before you there was none, and you guys have been doing a great job. We are definitely inspired by your success (Real Talk) Thanks for sending in those Style Me episodes.… Omo guy thanks for mad refferals from your site… Those referrals drove our traffic up in ways you can’t imagine. – Madam Vera nah my sister… like really… Thanks for support and pub. Umu Ezeani Kwenu!! lol… We still got you on the blog radio show. – Thanks for posting our site as one of the top sites for naija info… That alone gave us mad props, and encouraged us a great deal. AfroGist (Dunn Pizzle, James Jones & Harriet) – Thanks a lot for the mad support. Gidilounge… We might not know you guys personally, but you guys are def doing it big, and opened this naija music thing up for folks in diaspora. Shout outs to, (thanks for the vids), DJ Neptune,, Linda Ikeji, Naija DJs, GidiNoize,,,,, and every other website or blog that even referenced us in anyway. Thanks.

Huge Thanks to Mr. Adetola Adegun from Rythm FM Jos – Thanks for the MAD support!!! Guy you deserve to blow up big time, Nkiru from Ray Power Jos – Thanks for the promo on your show, Chidinma from Cool FM Abuja – Thanks for mentioning our site on your show. We appreciate it.  Shout out to Don Jazzy – omo that message on twiiter was all the encouragement we needed from you. Keep doing your stuff. GRIP Boiz (Yung El, Endia and co) – Thanks for encouragement. Even something as simple as “you guys are doing good” goes a long way. Ezzie B – Aooowwww!!! U know say jaguda be your groupie…lol. Thanks for the encouragement. Chief Capo… u no say I no fit forget you now.

And last but definitely not the least, will like to thank the people that visit the site for any reason. Whether to look at photos, or to listen to music, or do amebor work…lol, or comment, read… whatever… thanks for visiting if una no visit, site no go dey. Thanks to all those that joined our fan page on facebook, and  follow us on twitter. If we forgot anyone it’s not our intention… We def appreciate the mad support, and hope you continue to visit and interact going into years to come… Omo we don’t plan on fading away anytime soon.

Have a Happy Holiday Season and may God Bless you all going into the new year.


  1. JAGUDA.COM…I NO FIT SHOUT…..u guys are the best mennnnnn……na who born the maga wey say ona no climb to the top!!!…Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK.



  2. Awww I love you guys!!! You know you are my famzzzzzzz!!..:) I wish you all bigger and greater things in 2010! and ill be here commenting as always by God's grace…xx!

  3. And once more..thanks for the shout out….Sky wa the limit this year, next year…its to infinity and beyond for una. ..weldone ooo. lol

  4. I was about to vex that I did not see my name in flashing lights but you did shout One3Snapshot out. Thank you for featuring us! Happy new year and wish you the very best in the years to come. BTW – don't forget the talks we had, would love to do work for you guys.

  5. Yah!!!

    Umu Ezeani kwezuonu….. yahhhhhhh!!!!!

    Ehen… nwa nne'm, thank you very, very much for the honorable mention. I shall now start my thank-you speech by saying that "obi di'm uto na i chetalu'm today. ….."

    My intention was to do the entire comment in Igbo, but alas, I am tired. Hehe. So much for speaking Igbo for the entire comment.


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