Terry Tha Rapman Signs Deal With Multi-Media Company




Terry Tha Rapman has just finished signing a deal with one of the nation’s leading multi-media companies, Dudu Toonz Studios. The rapper who dropped his sophomore album Boyz Are Not Smiling late last year recently signed a deal which makes him the company’s official spokesperson and ambassador in the music industry.

The deal which is speculated to last for a year will see Terry on several Dudu Toonz publicity materials such as jingles, viral videos, wallpapers, animated videos etc. In return the company will shoot Terry Tha Rapman’s next three singles from his Boyz Are Not Smiling Album. Already one of the videos, Been There Before has been shot and it’s currently in the post-production stage.
“Dudu Toonz is the best multi-media effects company in Nigeria and I am elated that I was chosen to be sort of their ambassador and representative in the music industry. In Dudu Toonz they create the unbelievable and I am happy to be on board with them” says Terry tha Rapman.

Apart from working on his videos, the company will also be in charge of rebranding Terry tha Rapman into becoming a mainstream artiste.

Dudu Toonz is an innovative multi-media studio which has had high profile clients in the corporate world as well as the entertainment sector. It has been behind the branding of the prestigious Hip Hop World Awards since 2009 and now seeks to fully integrate itself within the music industry. With being in partnership with artistes such as Terry Tha Rapman they seek to dominate the music video sector in a couple of years.

Recently Terry Tha Rapman was nominated in the Best Rap Act at this year’s NEA Awards and his official slogan Boyz Are Not Smiling has now been recognized as an official term for hustling in the urban dictionary.

Also Terry Tha Rapman is not just only an artiste on Megaphunk Records as he has been promoted to the position of the co-CEO of the record label.



  1. Wow joe sparsm that is a step ahead oh-yeah is about that time you drop that ish and get d merit and credit..to be sincere THA RAPMAN is a rap icon in African so am rounding yo! The applause brah! Very soon boiz go start to they smile L.O.Lz. R.E.3D eye ent go blow like dynamite;-)

  2. Dats wat amm talkin about, haba its bin long ova due 4 ma bro 2 be d man. Nice 1, many more 2 go. Ur time is now, congrats bro!


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