Sauce Kid – Na Me Be Fine Boy (Video)


Sauce Kid has hit us again with a video for his jam, Na Me Be Fine Boy… Pretty nice vid quality wise. Check it out.



  1. ohhhh that was hawt!! i very much enjoyed it. I like the new grown up "swagg" he has. HOWEVER I WAS HIGHLY DISTRACTED BY SAUCE'S BRAID-HAWK!! He's here is too long for it. His stylish should if tried something else. but whatever that just what i think

  2. "u kw b fyn boy dats y u hatin' me i b fyn boy i can seek 4 a blind date" sinzu me swagger swagger me sinzu even wit pimples i still b fyn boi. The beat is tight, sauce baba was off da hook. Nu swagger every 30sec, african ambassador of rap music, oluwa sauce kid baba keep the nja flag high wit ur foreign accent nd ur nja street credibilit'.


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