Review: Lady Donli – Sour Wine Ft. D-Boi


Quite honestly I haven’t paid much attention to Lady Donli, but while browsing through the music pages and listening to new songs this one instantly caught my attention.

The first thing that struck me about the song was the easy going and soothing beat. Lady Donli’s flow style is unique, and the lyrical content is very nice as well. It’s interesting to see her rap and sing, and do both pretty well. The feature from D-Boi also does well to add a different dimension to the song. I tried to listen a few times, and pick out what I didn’t like about the song, and couldn’t pick much.

Overall it’s a lovely tune, and if it’s promoted well it could catch up to a lot of peeps in no time. It might not be a song to blow you out of the water but it’s very likable. It’s already rocking in my playlist, and it should join yours too.



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