Review: D’Prince – Oga Titus


Artist:  D’Prince

Title:  Oga Titus

Producer:  Don Jazzy

Label:  Mavins

D’Prince recently has been dishing out GOOD TUNES from Gentleman, to OYO (On Your Own) now this is the life of Oga Titus. When I heard D’Prince released a song titled Oga Titus, the first thing I said was “Which wan be Oga Titus again na?” but the moment I saw the artwork (Mr. Ibu’s face), I knew what was coming.

The song starts off with a very catchy and hilarious verse (Oga Titus, you to pompous, you wan try boys, now money done loss, boys are very big boys, you done f*ck up, you wan form boss, casala done burst, where is Oga Titus? you take night bus, you come Lagos, now you go campus, girls are very surplus, with no remorse , you wan come flous, now money done loss eehh), with Don Jazzy who turns out to be the masterpiece behind the production of the song taking the hook.

This is a song we’d be remembering till 2015 I guess. With a good production, wonderful lyrics, great story line rounding it all up with a fantastic hook by Don Jazzy, I’d say this is the jam.


—-Oghene Michael



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