Phildizzle – In the Morning {Freestyle}


This is a new cover from upcoming rapper Phildizzle off his mixtape “Real Talk”. It is a cover to drake and j.coles “In the morning” . The song is a story he actually wrote himself. Peep the Lyrics below, and enjoy the Joint. Good Stuff!!

A story about what we supposed to call a cute couple
Supposed to be happy but they just have a lot of trouble
When it’s about to be over the problem gets doubled
Listen closely if you think the story’s going to be of you
Jerome was a young black male from the hood
About 21, enough to know bad from good
He grew up among thugs and gangs and bad influence
People who seemed good, but didn’t make a difference
They thought him all the things momma didn’t wanna teach
And told him all the things pastor didn’t wanna preach
He started stealing anything that his fingers could reach
One day he got caught and trust me, he got beat
His brother was sent to life cos he killed his own brother
Jerome was left alone he had to take care of his mother
Every night before he leaves to party she would always wanna warn him
She say “Jerome promise me that ima see you in the morning”////
Will I see you in the morning? He replied, “Momma you gotta be calm” and
..She just wanna see him in the morning//

Jerome had a girl. She was everything he dreamed
The problem was she was white and she was only 16
Her daddy was rich, she grew up in a good home
So everyone told her she shouldn’t be with Jerome
A junior in high school, and she was a cheer leader
Better yet a slave, was really how Jerome would treat her
He was an alcoholic so every night he would beat her
And when she got hungry he would never ever feed her
They still had sex, he just had to say he love her,
And if she disagreed you know Jerome was gonna force her
She started getting scared that he was gonna divorce her
Then he miscalculated and he didn’t use a rubber
Now she was pregnant, she started askin if it was worth it
She told Jerome, he beat her up cos she wouldn’t abort it
Police caught him once and only let him with a warning
She crying and asking if she was gonna see him in the morning////
—“Will I see you in the morning?”
–“baby they just let me off with a warning, so you gon see me in the morning

Now everything was getting heated, his girl about to be a baby momma,
His life wasn’t stable and he about to be a father
His momma didn’t like her, her father didn’t like him
And all the time they were together they were always fighting
They arguing and they wonderin if all this shit will continue
He tryna find a good job to support his baby in the future
Damn,, it only seem like everything was getting worse
His momma told him dating white girls are always a curse
So he came up with a plan.. it was a solution
Solvin all these problems was nothing Jerome was use to
He told his girl it was okay because he found some help
It was a lie he shot his girl and then he shot me self
Then someone told the cops and it was on the news
His momma saw it and cried cos there was nothing else to do
She thought about the times she stayed awake just to warn him
She knew one day shed wake up and she never see him in the morning
She never saw him in the morning
All the time she woke up all she did was mourn and
She never saw him in the morning…

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  1. The sonq. Is well written. Phil took his time. Gosh! I knw it wsnt easy. The sonq, 4 me, its amng the best sngs ive heard diz year. Its touchnq. Has Concept. Teachnq and the rest. Keep it up Phildizle, hope to download loadz of them! Peace+X


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