P-Square releases new album ‘Double Trouble’



P-Square releases sixth studio album titled “Double Trouble” featuring international and local acts like T.I in Ejeajo, Awilo Logomba in Enemy Solo, Don Jazzy in Collabo, Jermaine Jackson in Zombie and Dave Scott in Bring It On.  Double Trouble has a total of 16 tracks including 3 bonus tracks. Check out the full track list and download the album below.

Double Trouble



  1. i hereby likely show my sincere appreciation to my best song fans one and only professor P.SQUARE, i don`t know how to take connection to them,
    i pray that GOd should give them long life till my wedding day, i so much like you, fire down it is your time

  2. I think psquare seems to be the best musicians in Africa because the guys are wonderful in nature from singing to body movement and a close summary, they are better than others. I love you guys and I remain your exteme and committed fans and to Chelsea fc.

  3. Guy”s u re jst doin wat u re born 2 do…dnt gve it up. Bring it on as u said, rmmber he who is afraid 2 du much gain little. So de mre u du. De best u bcme… U might be de best bt dnt relax..hrd wrk.


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