P-Square – Danger (Video)


Wow!! Talk about back to back releases. Right after the song was the released, P-square have released a video to the track, Danger. Nice!!! They looked like they were having fun shooting the vid. Enjoy!


  1. If U have seen hustle athem the u will know this dudes love jacking on people concept what here they thinkin og damn though the vedio is nice but am disapointed

  2. thank yo for showing naija pple that you can actually do a good video without alltheir moet ace hennesy ass ashawo gurls and hungry boys…… llloooolll ….lmfao

  3. P-SQUARE Danger!!!! wat is d danger we are talking about here pls we need something more

    gyrating like GET SQUARED, GAMEOVER, but a dissapointment d hit track is not worth it can u change d hit track from ur ALBUM.pls work Harder cos its seems u hve been busy enjoying ur money.

    • pple who know nothing about music lik u , can kip listening to duncan mighty and zule zoo, but 4 we who understand music P SQUARES- DANGER IS THE BOMB ANYTIME.

  4. thank u very much big peter make u no dey allow paul fuck any how if not hi go kill spoil every thing ay unna done done build , Abuja 4 REAL AREA 10 BIG BOYZ DDEY UNNA BACK DAY AND NIGTH , BUT MAKE I TALK THROUGH UNNA NO TRY ATALL. ABEG IMPROVE NEXT TIME THANKZ LUV YAH BIG BOYZ IN THE HOUSE .

  5. Hey everyone . I must say I agree that P2's new Track and video is not up to standard (worth my money, and will be a miracle if they win the MAMA's) , Yes Ido know something about good music and that is why I bought all their other albums… no stress thopugh I am still a fan , just not one that will be buying this new album..

    yoyu guys can do better!!

  6. i use to like dis boys from my heart ,but now i must say am not a fan and a lot of gambian,i was disappointed when they came to perform in the gambia they were acting very rude on stage insulting tee fans ,as for now dont even think of coming back to gambia cos your show will be wack,…and try improve your self cos whole lotz of new artist are coming out from naiga ,respect is all you are lacking cos you day bloof 2 much…

    you lose lotz of fans in the gambia it would ve been better if dont even come to gambia at all….

    we no go see danger na you p-square go see danger coz soon your game will be over.


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