Onyeka Onwenu Restricts New Album Sales to Church Only



Elegant stallion and Music Legend Onyeka Onwenu has restricted the sales of her new album ‘Legend’ to churches ONLY for now, until she finds a credible marketer. The album which is not all gospel contains 13 songs and it’s being sold for N1, 000. This is very interesting to be honest.

So if you want a copy of this great album…go to the nearest church!

Source: Nigerian Films



  1. I listened to an interview of hers on the radio recently and she was extremely hurt (you could tell from the emotion in her voice), that the marketers, as she said, had totally hijacked the industry in which is people's bread and butter! So basically, artists who have put their sweat and blood into producing and sharing their craft and hopefully make a living doing what they love are now at the mercy of these marketers who end up giving the artist a paltry some for their hard work.

    I don't think we can begin to understand what she feels because most of us are consumer but I will put myself in her shoes and understand where she is coming from. Remember, she is coming from an era where this was not the norm. So she said, she is working with the NCC and copyright commission (I think), to curb the excesses of these marketer, but until then, i guess "churches are us". I guess she feels through this avenue, there might still be some integrity. Is she right? We'll wait and see what her numbers are like.


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