Omotola – Feel Alright (Video)


Omotola has remade her video for Feel Alright, and ummmm…. Well just watch.



  1. I like the video, I suppose, and she looks cute. However, she should stick to acting and leave the singing for those with singing talents, as well as the dancing. She just looks uncomfortable when she is dancing.

  2. There are many singers out there that can't dance and she does not need to sound like everyone else. Her style does remind me of Angelique Kidjo and many thought she could not sing or have talent , bet they are not smiling now! Omotola, do your thing girl, success is like a fine wine, takes time to mature to the point of perfection.

  3. Well, I'm glad she had backing singers. Instrumentals played for the back track where well in tune compared to her rather coarse voice. Her tunes were all over the place and watching her dance was a bit awkward as she looked rather uncomfortable with her arms. In all she was less than average with her rhythms/movement.

    In simple terms, her beautiful face may earn this single a number one spot on the charts. Other than that, i can't see myself waisting my time listening to this song!

  4. she look beautiful in the new music video "feel alright".who help her with the makeups.they look sexy on her.i like the's wounderful and georgous.she's really trying so she'll be like "beyonce".crazy dancer & hard worker.but she really did good on the video.i love it.i'm jealous now.


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