Olawumi Presents – NOIR (EP)



Through the release of her astonishing debut EP, NOIR, New Jersey-bred songbird Olawumi sets out to prove herself to be one of the most stimulating, distinctive and fresh new vocalists in alternative rhythm and blues. Behind New Jersey greats such as the late Whitney Houston, the talented Lauryn Hill, and the beautiful Faith Evans, Nigerian-American songstress Olawumi is evenhandedly next in line to tilt R&B music on its axis.

Emerging from a dim and deeply wooded taiga is Olawumi and her ear for atmospheric, psychedelic production with sinister vibes that one Philadelphia composer, Cloud Atrium, continuously provides. Combined that alongside smooth, soulful vocals you expect in an R&B track and the outcome is NOIR. Put together after a really dark time in her life, NOIR is a very personal piece of work that spans on the topics of love, heartache, sorrow, and a multitude of other subjects that reveal her once naïve nature in a raw way, a way that you can’t really escape.

Each song on the 4-track project is a different reflection from the same snapshot into Olawumi’s inner mind. A trippy, translucent photograph that highlighted by Cloud Atrium and Ambl’s genre blending, mystifying production. Despite her limited discography, Olawumi’s tunes has a durable quality that makes listeners, without hesitation, click enable the repeat function on their listening devices. NOIR serves as a teaser leading up to her forthcoming full-length project coming later in year. Stream and download the EP below.




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