Nollywood Actors/Actresses please stick to Acting

Jim Iyke
Jim Iyke

What is really up with Nollywood actors and actresses trying to delve into music these days? I’m not saying that actors and actresses can’t sing, and I believe that some have the ability to do both, but please, they should make sure that what they are putting out is quality and not a random “let me try and see if it will work” kind of music.

I tried hard not to say anything when Genevieve did her song a couple of years ago. As much as I respect what she has done for Nollywood and for the Nigerian community, I have to say those songs were completely wack. I mean for real, Genevieve, please just stick with the movies. U’re great at it, but not at music.

Next came Omotola. Hmmm… I love Omotola in movies also, and she’s one of those very unique actresses in nollywood that really blend into their roles, but her new song, Feel Alright, is mediocre at best and doesn’t make me “feel aright” at all. Infact it makes me feel all-wrong. And please tell me this is not the real video for that song cos I’ll start crying blood right now. No really… I will. I mean in this day and age of chasis high quality naija music videos, this can’t possibly be a real video. Let’s wait and see if it actually is the official video.

Then Mr Jim Iyke did his own. Where does someone even start with this song? I mean did he really think getting a washed up 2face on his song will make anyone like it any better? No… this is just straight up trash and should never

Geneviev Nnaji
Geneviev Nnaji

have been released. I’m sorry Mr Iyke, but rapping/singing or whatever u were doing on that song is not for you. 2face did ok on the song though… I can’t even hate on that but his part was over-shadowed by Jim Iyke’s “tougher than you rhymes”. Mr Iyke, you’re a big boy in Nollywood so please don’t ruin your rep by trying to prove that you can rap or that you are hard. Who are you? U’re someone that just might be out of job if you continue rapping. Just saying. No come break my head abeg….lol.

This Nollywood actor/actress turned rapper/singer is really not working so far. It might in the future but right now it’s definitely not working. Nkem Owoh did pretty good cos of his comic spin on the songs he did, but besides that, I can’t, off the top of my head, think of anyone else from Nollywood that has done well in the music industry. Let’s focus on improving the quality of naija movies before we start singing and rapping and all that. No be by force to enter music biz man. With that being said, I’m waiting for Pete Edochie to drop his hot new single “Check out my Bear-Bear swag!!!” Blazing hot single son!!!

Anyways check out Jim Iyke’s song “Who am I?” featuring 2face below, and Omotola’s song “Feel Alright” below that.

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Feel Alright (Music Video) 2009 from Ron Hightower on Vimeo.


  1. buhahahahahahahahahha this is soooo funny i def agree they need to stick to "Wannabe" acting because they cant act self…

  2. LOOOOL I like the Omotola song! If it was sang by someone else,it would've been perfect. Jim is just sexy for nothing acting=zero! song= minus zero! They should keep trynna be like American stars, Ghanaian movies are taking over!

  3. I swear when i heard Jim Iyke's song..i was hoping someone would say April Fool…but no i was the fool to believe this was a joke. I really love love love Jim Iyke as an Actor, but this song is very embarassing. I feel sorry for him, how can he just publicly disgrace himself like this….

  4. I honestly dont think their songs are bad. I Actual like that they are venturing out. to fair to actors i dont think they have anything to do with the quality of the movie production, the producers and directors are to be blame.

    Nice write up man…

  5. oh my days!! wen i heard jim iyke's song i almost i didn't understand wat he was doing at all..n i have no words for dat one

  6. Bia Ari b'anyi… if Jim Iyke breaks your neck, I no dey ooo! LOL. I mean, I completely agree with you, but no be me write am. Na you. Hehehe.

    Omotola should just stop! It's not even funny anymore. By the way, I read an interview of her (can't remember which magazine) and she had the audacity to compare herself to Janet Jackson, saying that not everyone accepted Janet Jackson @ first… or some rubbish like that sha. I love Omotola as an actress, and I would watch movies because of her, but her singing is tufia kwa.

  7. Oh… per Jim Iyke's song…

    Lemme ask you: Who Am I?

    I am a girl who is gonna go to bed ANGRY!!! Yes, angry! Because you have made me listen to this thing

    ***Vera storms off, vowing to post a very hot slap via express mail to Arinze in the morning***

    • LOL… Verastic has entered the building. is now in full business oo. Omo… I tell it like it is o. Don't vex for me.. vex for Jim Iyke's friends that didn't tell him his song sucked…lol.

  8. lmao! I m just seeing this for the first time. Oh my. Yeah, Nollywood Artists need to stop while they are still ahead. Maybe its in the water??? Dnt know who lied to Ms. Omotola, but synthesizer does not guarantee music hit!…lets not even go into the off beat dancing…. And Mr. Jim should be ashamed of what he considers as good music "who am I" really??? I saw Ramsey Noah's video…..


  9. Vera thanx 4 making me come to this site first thing on a Sunday morning and making me highly irritated @ the fact that i sat my ass down and listened to both in really??? Omotola, pls stick to acting. singing, dancing , a total NO NO …. Jim Iyke?? no comment yet still trying to word that in a nice way. … why bother ??? IT SUCKS, its sad and its a hot mess….rapping 4 real??? and yeah you right,a whole lot of BS !!!!

  10. I actually dont'think the songs were that bad. On a scale of 1-10, I would give Omotola a 5. Iyke will get a 4. Fair attempts. I can't do better, you know.

  11. hahaha, i still dont get Jim Iyke's song and I heard more of Tuface's voice than his.

    lol, come on y'all, give omotala some credit. she knows how to hype her video with money and glitz. I didnt get the shine shine bobo in the video but I think she improved from last time and I prefered her song to Jim Iyke's

  12. this song seriously sucks…omotola u re one of my best actress n am definitely not hating but this song dont make me feel alright…leave singing n stick to acting u re definitely good at it…jack of all trades master of ONE…stick to ur tru career n stop embassing me wit ur songs..

  13. da** ..jim iyke, what tha heck were they thinking. …the guy just fall my hand.

    They both should stick to acting for now …"not hating …just being real".

  14. This shit is wack squared (wack multiply by two)! Stick to what you do…dnt be a jack of all trade and master of none! Better than Jim Iyke's gut-wrenching "cry" in the name of singing.

  15. Pls jim Iyke stop saying what doesnt concern u. every body have his/her own talent so what ever Geneviev or Omotola does is non of your biz

  16. I think A B C is not that simple this days,bcos if it were that simple doing what u know best could have been that simple to jim,Genevive & omotala to understand that singing is not what their know but acting.REMIND

  17. tank GOD none of those nollywood stars borrow money 4rm u guys to do d music. i think u guys r over-reacting. d r some really bad music by some of dis musicians but u dont complain.. now its jim iyke, omotola, geneviev…. pls let dem b. ive watch jim's video, it wasnt a bad video like u want people 2 beliv. on the contrary, u shud give dem kudos 4 doin wat some of u neva try… grow up guys, sit up n try 2 do something new… if u cant sing, try painting, modelling… or even acting, afterward u can criticise

  18. Hi all,

    Am Pumza from South Africa and i must say, am enjoying watching African Movies(Nigeria/Ghana) on Africa Magic., Big ups…….uv got some very talented actors/actresses. I just wish they could improve the sound thou…

  19. why is it that evry1 1nts 2 feeel among?oh,comn u guys should go bck and discovr ur talent vry wll b4 u do something awful.a step at a tym,u don't need to be grid u kno.pease.

  20. hi guyz,thiz linet frm kenya.i jst find myself lovin the way thiz guy handles himself n even the way he brings out his lines as an actor…….chearz man ilike u.

  21. love jim lyk’s swag so much, he has got the lines he is so handsome, there is something special about him.


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