NextGen Naija Artists [Part 2]


This is the second of a 10 part series that I recently started. For those of you that don’t know.

I’m going to list 10 of my favorite upcoming artists (in no particular order) and maybe post a song or two of them that I can find. Notice that I said 10 of MY favorite upcoming artists. Maybe you will disagree with some of the people I list here and maybe you will agree with them. I can say sha that you MUST agree with at least half of the list. If, however, you vex for the entire list then please at any convenient time kindly go and hug transformer. The information I write about these artists is mostly based on the information I can squeeze from the internet and the few sources that I have.

Number 1 was Mo’Chedda. Click here for the link.

The second artist on my list is the youngest member of the EME records, and Naija’s new kid on the block, Wizkid!

I don’t think this guy requires that much introduction cuz if you haven’t heard about him then you must have been living under a rock under the sea for the past year (and also on a very long thing). Born Ayodeji Balogun, Wizkid has been singing since childhood and at the age of 11 dropped an album (in his church in Lagos) under the name Lil’ Prinz. Since then Wizkid has been polishing his skills and collaborating with various artists, and in 2009 he made his first big appearance on Mr. Incredible’s “Fast Money Fast Cars”, then on a few tracks in Banky W’s latest album, all of which he did not fail to deliver the goods. He got signed onto Banky W’s label Empire Mates Entertainment in 2009 and his first official single under that label “Holla at your boy” solidified Wizkid as Naija’s RnB Harry Potter! (Get it?). Not to forget his freestyle “Tease me” which is on a whole other level (In my opinion slightly overrated though). He is currently studying Sociology at the Lagos State University.

An album is in the works and from what he tweeted, there’s going to be “mahd stuff” on it. I trust there will be some killer collabo’s on that album so be on the lookout. Keep this guy on your radar cuz Wizkid is on the move and right now there aint no stopping him!



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