New Video: Tiwa Savage – Love Me, Love Me, Love Me


The song is addictive. The video is just as addictive. Tiwa Savage drops the video for her popular hit, Love Me(3x). Classic Tiwa Savage, and this video gives of us a tint of an Aaliyah-type video.

Directed by Sesan.


[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]

Source: MTV Base


  1. She dae dis video wey she dae take tym release..We dae think sae the video go hot sef…abeg she fall ma hand wella

  2. Haba, this video aint as bad as you guys are potraying here!! i don see wor wor video for naija tire…. well done Tiwa. PG18 though!

  3. Look at all these haters, if they ask u now what the he’ll can u do? The silly stupid people insulting Tiwa and this video are obviously gorilla faced grenades. It’s a great video, Tiwa looks amazing and big ups to her. I love the big city high rise concept and that dude is soooooooooHOT!!!

  4. it's extremely sad to know how backwards most of you can be. What's the BIG deal if she's showing cleavage and butt cheeks? when American artists are practically naked in videos of which you don't judge or talk shit but when a Nigerian artist wants to break through from that "AFRICAN MENTALITY" you begin to hate. Don't most of you girls go to the club half naked? Please if you can't support some else's success then its best you still go work on yours or not even make a comment!

  5. Most of you on here need to shut the fuck up coz ur all obviously a bunch of hating ass ignorant hypocritical bitches! This is an amazing video, I love how she totally stepped out of the box on this! See that bushgirl of course your bush! Lmao. Kmt sexy all the way Tiwa. Love it! And hook girls up with that guy now haha. Deuces hater bitches!

  6. U gurls shd shut d fuck up, dat video is dat bomb, tiwa is da f…king best n she rocks. Bad belle babes cos y’all cnt do wat she did,so y una de jealous. Make una go boil stone. Big up2Tiwa she rocks

  7. Tiwa baby ur d bomb,u jst kild it ryt der on dat video, i mean de video is sooo fuckin hot. And 2 u haterz y’all jst hatin d fact dat de chick iz blazin bt go on kip hatin nd see wher ur life takes u suckers…..

  8. Wen u cnt do something n somebdy does i dnt c a reason y u shld conderm it, me i cnt bt i gv a big hand to d biggest hottest chick in d music industry as 4 d dude nth do dat guy, e side tight die. Al in al, tiwa as a big sis dat u r to many of us, kip it up. Enemies stay bk, dis is a danger zone. Lolz


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