New Video: Rick Ross – Hold Me Back (Nigeria)


Rick Ross aka Rozay was in Nigeria a few weeks ago for a concert and while he was there he shot another video for his track Hold Me Back.

He’s all over the streets of Lagos in this and goes really into the backwoods on it.

Not exactly thrilled about the one side of Nigeria he shows. There’s more to Nigeria than this, but if he’s going for the streets look then I guess I can understand, but still… Would’ve liked a more diverse outlook on Nigeria. Especially cos he knows better.

Anyways, check it out.


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  1. Nice video frm ross,most parts of naija aint tush,so y shud he b shootin hold me bak video in a tush place,even d one he shot bk in d us was shot in their streets

  2. Yall shud check out the american version before u start hatin all the nigga..most of the lyrics of the song is targetted at yall bitch ass critics..

  3. Well d video aint bad, i was expecting “ajebo coloured” video, but 2 my gr8test surprise, it was “kpako black nd white” video, which makes it more “unique”… Kudos Rozey, u’re “D BOSS”

  4. It was nice , cause all nigerian has got somtin to say to wat eva tin dat come’s out new , nice black and white graphics , but rick roos no body is holding u back , keep it going


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