New Video: K-Cee – Okpekete [Remix] ft. Davido


Okpekete!! What does that even mean? Who cares? Jam is hot, video is just as nice and the K-Cee & Davido combo works very well.

Check on it. Directed by Godfather.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]



  1. Good sound but disregarding the risk of drawing all the “if you no like am go sing your own”, “your papa sing pass them?” “God punish you! go sing your own” comments, Davido is going to get off this bs “freestyle” trip that he is on and start actually putting some time in to write lyrics that have even a slight semblance of content. That might seem like a ridiculous comment especially taking into consideration that “okpekete” doesn’t seem to be a legit word in any real language. Putting all those technicalities aside, I say all this to say, Davido either needs to start dedicating at least an hour or two into writing lyrics or acquire the services of a “willi willi” writer (ghost wtiter) lol.
    I can’t believe that he set the bar so low (“♫..and on the beat it’s davido, and nana nana nana nana…♫”) that the him even deciding to use words no matter how for lack of a better description, remedial they are, is considered awesome.
    Just a little constructive criticism before another hungry young boy comes up and takes his lunch. cos best believe there is a hungry kid somewhere coming for that spot.

    Signing out Eyan Nla staying humble while I sing El Dee’s “♫Im a big boy, mi o humble o♫”

  2. And I do realize that there are some typos in my previous comment. So before I’m pointing it out before I get my head cut off.

    Once again,
    Signing out Eyan Nla staying humble while I sing El Dee’s “♫Im a big boy, mi o humble o♫”

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