New Video: Ike Da Kid – Fast Life


Check out Maryland based MC Ike Da Kid with his new video, Fast Life. Ike Da Kid is personally one of my favs currently and for all the good reason.

Listen to his COMING TO AMERICA Mixtape and you just be a believer too.

“Fast Life” is performed by Ike Da Kid, Produced by Rocky Radio and directed by Nawlij. It is the third single from Ike Da Kid’s Debut Coming to America Mixtape which was released November 2010. Please check for more details on this release and his previous two singles The Way You Are and 6th Sense. In the meantime, Ike Da Kid is putting the finishing touches to his Green Card EP, which he will drops this winter.

Back to this video… Simple… Straight to the point… It’s the fast life… Enjoy.



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