New Music: Yemi Alade – Ghen Ghen Love


One of the most promising upcoming acts from Nigeria, Yemi Alade  built a huge fan base over time by showcasing her talents both live on stage and on features on songs by other artists.

She was introduced to us here with her song Fi Mi Le which featured Eldee back in 2010. She returns today with a new song, Ghen Ghen Love produced by veteran producer OJB.

Ghen Ghen Love has all the makings of a monster hit. One that is capable of being part of our vocab very very soon.

These 2 work very well together… at least from this product they’ve given us.

Yemi Alade Ghen Ghen Love. Check on it.

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      Yemi Alada your tune is nice jor. I agree. All the makings of a hit!

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