New Music: Tunde Ednut – Catching Cold



Brand New music from comedian, Tunde Ednut. After his debut single, Tunde has gone further to show us the talent built in him, not only in comedy, but in Music as well. This is a jam, even though you know he makes it a bit funny by throwing his usual shenanigans.

Enjoy Catching Cold, but don’t freeze while listening.

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  1. I froze actually when I listened to this song, now my blood is below zerao, and i'm dead. This is wackness to the capacity of wackness. stop it now

  2. Now I wish the world really ended on May 21st… this nonsense wouldnt have been released… he woulda taken it to hell with him

  3. See people just sayinq crap here…sayinq d sonq is whack,release u own lets see now….not sure u realise how much effort he put into dis…learn to appreciate even if its a little….at least dis is far better dan some sonqs i hv listened to in nigeria….

  4. never heard of this tunde ednut guy but i think he shud stick with watever he was doing b4 he stumbled in2 the studio.

  5. Oboy c comments…wel i b 1 dl dis song b4 o! Bt diz comments wey i dey c..i no kon knw weda d song fit freeze my fone own o cos i jus buy d fin! Chei!

  6. ohhh my God. jesu oo. pls i'm nt a hater but dis sng is jst not it…neither was is 1st song or his jokes. dude pls go and work for KFC . pls i'm begging u..instead of giving us headache with ur nonsesity and idiotness

  7. if you know good music, then this is a good song …i love this song …the song has been playing in my head all day since i downloaded it… this is a club banger ,but can also listen to it while i drive to work… the concept is niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..tunnde you have identified your class …well done

  8. lmao tunde ednut hun,dont mind dem jare….but sweets i think u should try modelling for hair cut posters….who knows…..

  9. i'm loving dis song. u all are jst haterz dats why u criticise. i suggest u go get urselves somtin to do other than sitting ur lazy asses on whatever nd typing rubbish about tunde ed


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