New Music: Pita | One Man


We live in a world overwhelmed with wrong values and greed. A system
so selfish and corrupt that a miracle seems almost impossible. A new
generation is being born into an environment where wrong has almost
turned right.

In all of these, the saying “it is darkest just before dawn” rings
true. We know that as long as there is ONE MAN that can still identify
and choose to do right, as long as there is ONE MAN with the right
values and a craving for a change, ONE MAN that is just and chooses to
do right at all times(no matter what everyone else is doing); as long
as there is that ONE MAN, there is HOPE. Hope is that seemingly tiny
but strong enough thread that the bright future of this nation and the
world hangs on.

This change starts with you and me,and the truth is WE CAN MAKE THAT
CHANGE. It takes each one of us in our everyday lives to imbibe and
inject this change in our system. A change most needed and profitable.
A change for the better and a brighter Africa,starting from home,

#ONEMAN is all we need, #ONEMAN is you and me.




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