New Music: Kel – Super Woman ft. Lami


A few days ago we posted a single ‘Shayo and Move’ by Kel which is an upbeat club banging tune on a Samklef production. Now Kel slows the tempo a little on us with the second single from her yet-to-be-titled forthcoming album. The song ‘Super Woman’ features the soulful Lami on the hook and produced by Sleekamo. I’m definitely luvin’ the Soul-rap combo right here. Listen and share your thoughts.

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  1. kels you don come again.. . like give it up already . we are over you and your "we finna" talk your ratchet pussy aint wanted no more. bitch go and do youthservice move to togo maybe you can find a decent man to marry and leave music alone. hian your own too much jor ashawo 2kobo

    • Ok it’s obvious you’re just a jobless hater or you have something personal against Kel. There’s nothing wrong with this song.

    • its pretty obvious your own beef is beyond personal.That bleach and vim with boiling water and acid is what you need to drink to rid your mind of all the filth you pour out on this site….it tells who you really are on the inside..look at what you even call yourself…pity… dont have to like her music and there is nothing wrong in being a critic…but please practice constructive criticism .i bet you cant confidently fart in front of a microphone if you were given one and askd to do just that. I'm not exactly a fan but kels, this is a nice song and you are a good rapper..keep it up.

  2. call my celly??? who says that… this ashawo finna piss me off…. someone please serve her a shot of bleach and vim….. KEL GO FOR YOUTH SERVICE AFTER ALL YOUR COPY CoPY you no wan go serve… i beg clarat for jaguda jor…..olodo fuck fuck

  3. y r u people hatin on kel. Is it bcos she left capital hill? No 1 can denie dat kel is a good rapper. Pls stop hatin n usin foul languages in public sites n also always keep our ways steaight by sayin d trut wen eva we see it. Nuf recpect to every 1

  4. Kel babe.dats a gud one.and 2 u haters u guys must be high on some chaeo drugs.kel is one of d best female rapas alongside eva,sasha,zee,blaize,muna ‘n’ mo’chedda.

  5. @JAGUDA.COM ADMIN whenever i post a comment,i see a message that says *Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly* what exactly do u guys keep off the site? just asking

    • Nothing at all. The only reason we approve comments prior is to prevent spam comments. I suggest you signing up for an intense debate account or logging in with a wordpress account if you have one 🙂

  6. lemme be ur superwoman!!!! this has to be d best female collabo yet, glad kel worked with lami on this. wasnt a lami fan till i heard this. nice one kel, cant wait for track 3.
    on a final note i think @totoslasher has some personal issues with kelechi ohia. my advise grow up and settle it with her face to face, not on jaguda :p


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