New Music: Jesse Jagz – Murder Dem


If you’re part of Jesse Jagz Nation put your hands in the air! Jesse Jagz drops this somewhat interesting blend of sounds in the title, Murder Dem.

He samples the church hymn, Joyful Joyful Lord We Adore Thee, and completely revamps it to a new tune.

This will be the first single of the compilation album, Jesse Jagz Nation Vol 1.

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  1. Ok No hating but this song is seriously below average and what I have come to expect fro. Jesse jags, he is waaaaayyyyy better than this song abeg, Downloaded and deleted.

  2. Go nd try releasing ur own song nd c aw dat goez…4 cryin out loud u guyz shud learn 2 stop condeming good music
    ,instead commend it , diz z brillant music ,vewy professional !fantastic job,jagz neva dissapoints!!!!!

  3. ur mama toto idiot dem tel u say anybdy dey above mistake. Jesse japs get only 1 song way i lyk wich is granmy nyt. D rest 4mi na shit. Grow up bastard nobi by force 2 lyk wetin persin sing. If i do freestyle ma ego beta pas dis shit

  4. @maga…lol…release yours lets see if it’s ever goin to be featured on any local site e.g talk more of this site…lets not of urs getting air us a favour pls…jst shut ur gutter

  5. Some comments on are abysma. If this song is not dope then i don’t no any!! We murder dem on jaguda cuz boiz are jobless. Dope dope dope dope dope……jagz nation.

  6. @tunes ur fada black nyash. Do u knw if am a dope supastar? Am 2 dope 4 dis shit u’r calin hit song. Am beta 2 him 100tyms 4ck u nd ur ashawo mum. @ Agada village boy go slip, u sabi wetn b gud music? Ur type if u hear gud music u go mad, dats y we dey hide gud music 4rm goats lyk u

  7. @Maga….ur d biggest fool earth has eva known….stay dere nd condemm gud music while it sells out..ur jxt gonna rot in poverty…faustrated coward like u…….ojare dis sng is reali professional..anybodi dat says murder dem aint gud…dat pesin dnt knw wat gud music is abt…cux dix track is reali professional..lot of creativity in it…thumbs up jago..

  8. @maga> as your name imply, u are senseless, it a shame we still have people like u in naija. Idiot go hug transformer!!

  9. @ mr dope or mr wack it’s ur low clas slut mum u’r tokn 2. Wat do a dog lyk u knw abt gud music. Dis song lack evrytyn smal dog. Go suck ur papa dick grow up, eat ur mama teeth 4 nyash get sense. If u listen 2 gud music u go mad. Go listen 2 Hakym-nice nd slow, Rayce tempted k, shyne folow me, burno boy like to party, waconzy club on fire nd many more. Dis listed tracks r wat we cal gud dope music. Since ur mama toto no sabi wetn b gud music dog

  10. @ Agada_emma1 stil am beta 2 ur whole family nd generation 2 cum cus i ve taste nd knw gud tyns. Ur papa sense dey insyd ur gf pusi. Ur own sense dey insyd ur papa nyash. Fake ass dude

  11. @Maga> na your scrotum sac! U dey insult people mother pussy, if no be mumu dey worry u. No be there u follow come this world. Idiot dey fuck pussy and still dey insult pussy. All these jobless guys for e.g maga.

  12. Am sorry for using mudane language, but this sarcastic and unscrupulous fellow called !Maga! is provoking me.

  13. @maga… are such a senseless thing…i wonder were you learnt how to read….and even if you did read well,you were to dumb to understand what i wrote down,you run ur septic tank which you call a mouth spraying all sorts,Now the whole stinks with ur breathe,if you want to throw jabs at me,dumb nicca,u hv got to throw better stronger jabs than thoes kidish line u have got all over ur lines,here is an advise pussy boy,try and grow up,e b like say u no get o.t,hehehehehe

  14. @maga..ur jxt blabbin ish..insultin pples mother..hw dos ma mother connect wit dix?…ur comments onli shws ur high rate of STUPIDITY jxt lyk peak..itz in u…nd it clearly seems dat ur brain ix unda ur armpit…i dnt knw hu stil uses al dix “ur mother or father” curse in dix modern generation..we’re in d 21st century dude nd…ur way 2 immature..grow up kid….MAGA


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