New Music: Boogey – 5am In Lagos


New tune from Boogey! One of the hottest names in Nigerian hip-hop right now. This one is titled 5am in Lagos and it paints a picture of 5am In Lagos, except you don’t wanna see Boogey at this time in Lagos.

Don’t let Boogey catch you walking down the streets alone at “5am in Lagos” if you’re a fake hip-hop head…. Fresh off the success of his impressive turn on the ‘Team AbOriginal’ collaboration “Leave Me Alone”—and the success of his controversial hit single “Sanctum”—AbOriginal Music’s Boogey with “5am in Lagos”, a freestyle over the instrumental to Drake’s “5am in Toronto”, and taking aim
at the hypocrisy of the Nigerian music industry.

A lyrical beatdown of “lip service” OAPs, media stakeholders, label owners, as well as fellow artistes and music fans, who demand true artistry but refuse to support it, as evidenced from lines like ”money is either the way or it’s causing a strong diversion/so I’m pissed off that you pissed off that Modo has gone commercial”, “you want real rap/from real cats/and yeah you feel that/but do you help disperse that” and “we no understand your flow/we tire sef/you say that but you scream when a foreigner raps in a dialect/none
of our buyers get”.

The song is yet another Boogey masterpiece: lyrically on point, passionately delivered, and dope as hell- and one more sign that this is an MC truly deserving of the (overused) phrase “great”. The only question that remains is whether Nigerian music fans are truly ready for the “Boogey monster”…. “5am in Lagos” is a precursor to the release of Boogey’s “Sanctum” video, which will be released on July 15. We’re hearing great things about this video, and a teaser trailer should be with us soon. Until then, don’t let Boogey catch you alone walking down the streets of Lagos at night….





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