Music: Jasën Blu – “Song About You”


2. Song About You (Artwork)

Last year, Jasėn Blu made a surprisingly impressive debut when his indie-released record, “L.A.S.G.I.D.I. [Gidi Anthem]” became the lead soundtrack/trailer theme to what turned out to be Nigeria’s most successful movie of 2012, “Last Flight To Abuja”, along with receiving remarkably positive reviews and listeners’ feedback on release.

The good-looking R&B artiste/record producer, who then announced he was starting work on a debut album, is back with a fresh record, “Song About You” well over a year since the last one. Speaking about the long time stretch, he said, “After measuring the response to ‘Gidi Anthem’, I realized I had successfully set a marked standard for myself from that point, so I had to invest good time into developing a well-defined sound, brand and artistry in readiness for an unforgettable debut album like I promised earlier.”

And according to Jasėn Blu, who again wrote, produced, performed and mixed this new “Song About You” for his steadily-growing music production company, Mental MagiQ, this song is not yet a single from his upcoming debut project, which he confirmed to have been working on since his last release. He further stated in the chat, “I’ve gotten really so busy obsessing over making a landmark debut that I finally felt I was falling completely off the radar. So I took a break from that and did ‘Song About You’ to refresh people’s memory of me as well as give them a taste of what I’ve been up to lately. It’s quite rare to have some people believe so much in you after just one song so it’s my duty to prove them right by giving them another fresh look at me and what I’m capable of. It’s a free release, a labor of love showing my appreciation to those who stayed believing in me, a move to widen my scope of listeners ahead of the coming official releases and a reinforcement of my promise of the best R&B album yet heard out of Africa.”

Sounds like a big bit of commitment for an independent act in a showbiz terrain as rough as Nigeria’s, but a listen to this new record might open your mind up to the many promising qualities of the multi-talented young musician. The all-round originality and class of this lyrically smooth, simple ‘man-admires-lady’ song, its buzzing, synth-driven production, his mellow, sensual and sweetly harmonized vocal presentation, and the semi-electronic mix among other things, are strong indications of a time-resistant body of work in the making. That, is one good reason why we should look out for Jasėn Blu and believe he will work harder to live up to his huge promise.





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