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Nigerian prodigious artiste, Professor Bob Ejike is the publisher of National Edifice Magazine which will hit the newsstand in the May. It will be showcasing sales, leasing and renting of property and dealing with issues that affect property and the environment. The magazine will also cover general sales of all forms of merchandise, advertisement and celebrity profile. Members of the public will be able to advertise the sale of their used items and publicize their requests for things they want to buy.
Ejike who was in Uganda in the last five years helping to develop indigenous film and music has transferred to Dubai from where he will release his next album. Ejike, pioneer of Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, is a lecturer, a singer and lyricist, an actor, a novelist, art critic, columnist, biographer, TV presenter and personality, model and product advertiser and endorser, translator, film and video producer, director, editor, and Nollywood international promoter.
Ejike who is known for his column in the Sunday Sun, his presentation of NTA Tropical Rhythms, his music, films and his pioneering role in the creation of Nigeria’s film industry Nollywood, said this move agrees with his current contract.
During his stay in East Africa, he created the Professor Bob Ejike Foundation for Performing Arts (Probe), which owned five recording studios that aided indigent artistes, and worked on a number of international movies and built a cultural bridge that led to various forms of artistic exchange between Nigeria and Uganda, helping to popularize Nigerian films, actors and musicians in East Africa.
Bob Ejike is so popular in Uganda that his concert with Aki and Pawpaw pulled a larger crowd than Ekon. Why did he choose Uganda? ‘Firstly, the Nigerian music had been replaced by new forms and clearly artistes who had been there before this novelty felt out of place in the new attitude. I wanted a peaceful and quiet place where people are open and appreciative to a variety of art forms and music is still played with natural instruments, not computer’ Ejike replied.
The multifaceted artiste whose vocal abilities were developed by Reverend Chris Okotie,(whom he still names as his musical mentor), fingered his greatest achievement as writing the first known Nollywood film, Echoes of Wrath ( NAFEST Award winner, featuring Richard Mofe-Damijo), which launched the third biggest film industry in the world and declared. Why is he impatient with Nollywood critics? ‘Nollywood is the child of my brain, the actualization of my inventive genius. Most of the critics talk down on our efforts from a high pedestal of comparism with the well-funded and time-tested Hollywood and this is simply ridiculous. While we need critics who can point out the industry’s flaws without putting us into unfair contrast, I have little patience with those who cannot appreciate the great success we have made in giving Africa a voice in world media and creating jobs for thousands of unemployed youths all over sub-saharan Africa’, Ejike charged.
Several years before the emergence of 2 Face, P Square and D’Banj, Bob Ejike predicted that Nollywood would switch over to music and Nigeria would rule the African music market. How did he know? Ejike replied, ‘It was clear to see. We already had a marketing platform and an intricate distribution network that can put a work of art in any world capital within a week in Alaba market, thanks to Nollywood.

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