Meet Harrison C. Nwozo Junior aka Harry Baba CEO of Tribe X Entertainment; Download The Green October Volume Two



Harrison Nwozo Jr CEO of Tribe X Being interviewed by Afrogist Tv
Harrison Nwozo Jr CEO of Tribe X Being interviewed by Afrogist Tv

Please Introduce yourself to

I am Harrison C. Nwozo Junior, also known to many as Harry Baba. I am the President and CEO of Tribe X Entertainment, LLC based in Laurel, Maryland U.S.A.

    What is tribe X  and what does tribex do?

Tribe X the name it self stands for African Unity. To some degree most Africans believe that we all came from the same parents or tribe thousands or maybe millions of years ago. If that were the case that means we were one before we split up into many tribes, developed new languages over time, religions etc. Tribe X therefore is a wake up call to all Africans that technically we are brothers and sisters and need to unite. It is the lack of unity, distrust and hatred for one another that is the basis for genocides, religious wars, tribalism and other atrocities that keep taking place over and over again.

Tribe X Entertainment is marketing, promotions and event Management Company. We were established in 2001 with the goal of assisting our clients with consulting, marketing and promotion of their products and services in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

   Do you have partners?

Yes, my wife Tochukwu is my Vice President and does a lot of  behind the scenes work. From time to time we have many supporters who step in from time to time to assist us in supporting our cause, events, and projects. They are too many to list here but they are greatly appreciated.

 So, when did you decide to start Green October

January 2006

why did you start Green October

To market and promote a positive image of Nigeria through the presentation and sharing of the music ( afro beat and afro hip hop)to a wider international audience.

What can we expect from green october

You can expect the best in Nigerian music.

 how do u select the artists that you feature in Green October, because jaguda is aware that Nigerian music is at its prime. we are sure that many artists will feel left out of the green october movement.

The idea was to gather all the hottest music currently on rotation in Nigeria. We then listen to over 50 songs that must have at least 100 bps and then start the process of elimination based on the beat, chorus, quality of the song and message the artist is conveying to their audience. We also have some preference to the top charting songs on the ground/radio in Nigeria at the time we are doing the compilation. We also pick up songs from underground Nigerian artists based in the U.S, UK and other countries.

We unfortunately can’t get everyone on the mix tape but by God’s grace we will keep putting out volumes of music and the artists will most likely get their chance sooner or later to be on one of the volumes.

 Is there any symbolism about the green October

Green basically stands for the “people of the land”; all the diverse Nigerian peoples (Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa etc), their cultures and traditions. In addition, “Green” also represents the stunning Nigerian terrain, and the country’s rich natural resources.


“October” has three distinctive meanings:(1) the month Nigeria had her independence (October 1960) from British colonial rule, (2) it also signifies the month Harrison’s mother, Pauline I. Nwozo, passed away from a long struggle with Ovarian cancer, (October 1996). Finally, it symbolizes a new positive “awareness” or “perception” of the international community’s view of Nigeria and Nigerians as a whole. October in this sense represents the autumn season. Old leaves pass away and fall to ground to make room for new leaves to form and thrive.  The positive progressive presentation of a Nigeria that the rest of the world is unaccustomed too (the old leaves), dies off and re emerges as “something new”.


 How many Artists have you worked with in the past, are currently working with any artist or do you have any artist in mind?

I have worked with artists in the past. Starting in 2001, I worked with Banky W and his team for a couple of years before going full time into event management. I started back in 2006 to work with a few artists but at this time due to my busy schedule,  and my current enrollment in a Master’s program I don’t believe I have the time to be a personal or business manager for an artist. They deserve to have someone with a little more time on their hands to cater to their needs.

Tribe X is a big name in the united states, expecially in the DMV area please can you tell us a couple of your accomplishments and works you have done and people and organizations you have worked with.

Lol! A couple of  accomplishments. Hmm. In  2004 Tribe X promoted the monumental Nollywood event, held at the Washington Times Ballroom in Washington DC, where Nigerian film stars like Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Richard Mofe Damijo, Jim Iyke, and Ramsey Nouah made appearances.  It was the first time 12 or more of the most popular Nollywood artists came to America at the same time. I also  marketed and worked with Banky W, Film Makers Association of Nigeria, Twenty Four Seven Africa, Ms African International, Amplifyd Entertainment, True Pictures, Exclusive Ladies of Enugu State, The Nigerian Soccer League, Party Addicts, Nylah’s Catering, Shaping Destinity, Nigerian Reunion Corporation, and so many other organizations.

 any plans to set up a branch back home in the motherland or do u have any partners back home?

Yes, that would be ideal. We are thinking ahead in that direction and have mentioned it to a few of our folks back home about it. Nothing as of yet but Jaguda will be one of the first to know when that happens.


 How was it working with DJ Manixx, what can we expect from the new undergound artist

Dj Manixx is great!! He takes his time in mixing, mastering and compiling the songs. We want the finished product to be as perfect as possible. He belongs to the world famous organization: The Coalition of Nigerian DJ’s.

When would be the release date of the green october mixtape series and the clothingline?

The mixtape, Volume II is out now. Volume I was released back in April 2009. The clothing line probably first week in October 2009.

Link to Volume II


And for your readers who missed the opportunity to download volume I (over 4,500 downloads in 90 days)





 For those interested, how would we be able to purchase it?

Good question! The mix tape is absolutely FREE to download but the clothing can be purchased through our website. We are currently building the new website but we encourage folks to join our fan page on facebook in the meantime. An update of when the website is up will be posted there. In addition, we will have our clothing in retail stores this fall so please join our fan page “Harry Baba presents Green October” on facebook.


 What brought about your collaboration with Ikenna Nwakanma (Legend couture).

I had always wanted to put out a fashion line and was not too sure how to get the process started in an effective and cost efficient manner. It was by coincidence that I found out about his fashion line Legend Couture and talked to him about my ideas for a Green October fashion line. He liked the idea and we formed a joint venture. He will design and produce my ideas and will come under his line and be known as “Green October by Legend Couture”. The best part is that we have similar goals and aspirations for our lines. We both work hard and are passionate about what we do.


We understand a percentage would be donated to Breast/cervical cancer organization. How did you go about choosing this oraganisation.

I asked a few folks in the non profit industry, I googled, researched and eventually found a legitimate organization right here in Maryland of whom I have actually heard of before. I am somewhat familiar with their work. They had recently come back from a medical mission in Nigeria performing cancer screening on women, education, treatments etc. The name of the organization is African Woman’s Cancer Awareness Association, based in Silver Spring Maryland.

 It’s always good to see Nigerians making a change, what is your advice to young nigerians also interested in doing something positive?

My advise is to for them to be courageous and determined. A lot of negativity is going to come from the very people you are trying to liberate. Stay focused, compile a set of realistic goals and objectives to your plan. What do you do best? What experience, education or skills do you have that can benefit the country? What can you do to help those in need in Nigeria? Whether it is promoting or marketing our upscale infrastructure in Abuja to the international community, our music, fashion, or cuisine. Or finding a way to join medical missions from the US and UK that go back to Nigeria to assist hospitals, AIDS clinics, orphanges etc. You can do a lot from the Diaspora by joining your hometown’s organization/Association in your city and join in contributions that go back to help the families in your home town in Nigeria.  We should all find out what we can do  according to our capabilities as per talent, contacts, resourses, skills and education to help out in a positive manner. Be persistent. Don’t give up.


How did you hear about, what do u like about, what do u think needs to improved on and why did you choose to grant jaguda an Interview.

I like working with new and upcoming positive and progressive organizations like Jaguda. When I was coming up there were a lot of people that supported what I do. So this is my way of giving back. My advise to Jaguda is to keep up the good work. We love what you do and will always support you. Your readers can check me out on facebook “Harry Baba presents Green October, join Tribe X Entertainement, LLC on facebook or shoot me an email @

Thank you and may God richly bless you.








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