Maga No Need Pay – Banky W, BEZ, MI, Omawumni, Roof Top Mcs & co


Maga no need pay has been created serious buzz on the web. Check out the vid.



  1. lol are you sure maga dont have to pay?

    check maga or no maga things are hard,situation down dere is very hard

    let m not b so wood,but face da fact,three square meal is hard like bad

    in my mood young ones are surviving,graduates r still hunting,so funny

    maga no need pay,you right cos we have hands to work for ours right

    but wat if the rights is been sold out,it turn to fight,a great country like ours have no light

    it been us back to maga must pay,things done by we are for a reason,everything in life has a season

    aint saying yahoo yahoo is a good things but things have to be changed and improve to get best from each citizens of ours country.i am proud to be a Nigerian and if yahoo will make me feed my family nature bless it.

  2. Maga need pay ooo banky w ,you better mind yourself….situation is critical here so please mind your own business make we guys no treat your fuck up


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