KING OLA Presents: Ganja Man [9ice &Jahbless] Chopped & Screwed


“Chopped and screwed (sometimes called screwed and chopped or slowed and throwed) refers to a technique of remixing hip hop music which developed in the Houston hip hop scene in the 1990s by DJ Screw.”

Never been done before, possible the first ever Nigerian Chopped & Screwed track, King Ola’s first official, Ganja Man by 9ice & Jahbless. Enjoy.

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  1. oLa shouldn't have attempted. This is at the very best, a very wack remix.

    And Ayo should be flogged for not critiquing it too.

    Well, which blog/webiste apart from reviews music (not albums) constructively?


  2. Banke its not a remix, its Chopped and Screwed, which you probably aren't familiar with. Just something different since its never been done before.

    • How funny of you to say I'm familiar with with rap genre as I have almost every Texas release from 2003 till when TX rappers fell off the grid and Hip-Hop finally travelled down to ATL.

      Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Slim Thug…yada yada yada

      I'm just saying you didnt kick it well.

      But you do great stuff though.


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