Kelly Hansome VS The Industry (Catch Me If You Can)



The buzz has been on all week long. Kelly Hansome dissed Mo-Hitts, MI, 2 shotz, and Kenny Ogungbe. Everyone has been talking… Kelly just dey yab dey go o. It’s been beef week in the Naija ent industry and it has been primarily centered around Kelly hansome.

Late last year, Kelly stunned the Naija scene with his track Igwe (Kom Kom) where he just flat out dissed Wande Coal, Don Jazzy, DBanj and Terry G. Although it looked to come out of nowhere the gist is that Wande Coal’s “Who Born The Maga” was supposed to be a diss song to Kelly Handsome (or at least Kelly took it that way), and so Kelly “fired” back with Igwe (Kom Kom). He also claimed Terry G took some shots at him also. He later put out a video saying he wasn’t trying to diss anyone and that they are all cool.

Fast forward to Tuesday, April 12th 2010, and Boom!! Kelly Hansome drops another diss track (Catch me if you can) and this time he extended his jabs to MI (and his chocolate city crew), 2 shotz, and Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Music, who he was formally signed to. Talk about going head on with the heavy weights in Naija entertainment.

His reason for taking shots at MI? A line in MI’s fast money fast cars that goes “Kelly Hansome is hansome, I tell em when I see him, but if I want a man it will be Keke or D1.” That definitely rubbed Kelly the wrong way as he stated in this new track.

Kenny’s beef arised from some record label misunderstandings that happened while Kelly was signed to Kennis Music. Details are not exactly clear. As for 2 shotz, I’m not exactly sure where that came from. Clearly Kelly Handsome has an agenda, and he’s not holding anything back. Heck, his upcoming album, is titled “Names Of Noise Makers,” so expect more noise makers to be listed as tracks are released. Check out the track, “Catch me if you can” and proceed further to view MI’s unofficial reply on twitter.

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Shortly after the song was released on, Don Jazzy of Mo-hitts had a couple of comments, but MI’s “10 things to do when Kelly Hansome disses you” was the highlight of the day on Tuesday. Here are the tweets from MI:

#10 (ten things to do after kelly hansome disses you): wonder why ‘kelly rowland’ is dissing you and why she sounds like a nigerian man

#9 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): refer to show promoters as ‘Maga’ making phrase maga don pay.. Relevant and correct to self!

#8 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) rewrite fast money fast cars.. Calling it.. Fast money fast cars;the fab life of kelly hansome!

#7: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): collect all future awards saying.. I don’t deserve kelly hansome here(he is not!)

#6 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) promise world 2 grow taller; seek out height doctor, or taller shoes e.g goth shoes 4rm camden

#5: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): write open apology to kelly hansome, post on sayng sorry 4 being succesful

#4 (10steps after kelly hansome disses u): wear fake mustache for a month, disguise self, song is prolly so hot and everyone will know it!!

#3 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): attend recovery group of artists recuperating after their own disses, eg..mohits, terry g etc

#2 (Ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): Listen to song over and over till you know all lyrics and can appreciate artistry in song

#1: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses u): Remember.. You are still beautiful.. And God and ur parents love you still..

Needless to say, anyone following MI that day was clearly entertained. 2shotz hasn’t said anything yet, but you never know. Wande Coal’s video for “Who Born The Maga” will be dropping soon, and who is to say there wont be a small jab here or there, esp with all this stuff going on.

To cap it all off, T-Money released his diss track to Kelly Handsome titled “Warning Shots.” T-Money goes hard on the track, and stands up for MI, the mo-hitts crew and Kennis Music.

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It’s been an interesting week to say this least. Let’s all remember that it’s all fun and games until things get out of hand, and we certainly hope it doesn’t get there. Have a nice “beef free” weekend.


  1. This kelly fool is just an attention seeking idiot thats all. If they ignore his black arse he will surely keep quite because all this stuff is giving him the attention he seeks.

    • kelly hansome is a big fool . if know d meaning of wawa dat what he is. if he dont anysong agian he should bitter shot his off&go &sit and think of what 2 do wet his life .& he be greatfull 2 kinnis 4 makeing us 2 know him::_

      • Na you make am be fool him speak him mind make am fool believe me you guys are the fool this guys still chill to gether.

  2. Going after M.I is just plain stupid,he quoted M.I out of context or is just a slow fellow…he was signed to kennis music at the time (its just like chris rock said "shaquille o'neal is rich, the white man that pays him is wealthy..") Kelly might have some change to spare but Keke n D1 were signing his cheques.

    The way i see it,he has figured that Kennis won't be promoting his music again so he's trying to create buzz about his music (just like 50cent) by dissing people to sell a few records. And 2 months from now he'll post a video on youtube saying they are all cool… stop acting like a little B$%^H seeking for attention kelly!!

  3. Hey yo out thr. Plz check up, u dnt just beef peeps straight to their face witout encountering an ordeal wif em. There are alot that happened u dnt knw, so guys just saying shit out here, open ur eyes…its just a message nt to u but d main actors involved, thats all. Every1 also has a right to his opinion dnt 4get.

  4. mo hits songs re cool bt their personalities re jst crap eg wandecoal[tru experience]bt u gat to admit kelly jst gave m.i d BOMB big ups enjoyin d beef cos its music entertaiment..jst hope no one ends up like gravity or 2pac..since donjazzy is involved

  5. I will never crash cos I' m no sosoliso

    I drive chocolate city to the end of my league yo

    How can you ever think of fighting with steven Seagal.

    I'm so Rick Ross I Boss like HUGO

    hahahahah…… MI is killing them. May be they want to die.

    • MI you guys are shouting wat make mi good?wat lyric mi gat or wat style of rap mi is a rap but not the best believe me.

  6. Kelly just buried his musical coffin……I saw his apology letter 2 Keke……….Kelly, ain't no sunshine without kennis music…Not so 4 chocolatecity boiz, mo' hit n terry G…….

  7. All you guys should keep your stink finger and stop typing shit this guys his just having fun and you are here talking shit if you guys are mad at wat he say go look for him nd face him his free to say wat ever he like just like other artist so wat is the pain that you guys want to kill your unu selv am a lover of all 9ja artist.

  8. all you nigeria listen to me,all this beef is business if you want to make big money in ure album you most be beef with some one in your music industrial,so that people will be listen and buy your cd, ok look at ja rule and 50 cent,50 make big money in the music business becasus of him mention ja rule name on this album ja rule reply him back every body are Focus and listen to know what will be heppen in this two party business are moving on people will be buy cd

    so stop talk nonsense on kelly handsome the boy is doing him business,i love mo hitts also with kelly handsome i love them i love beef i love hip hop

    i love naija 4 life one love my people, talk any how as you want,but dont kill any body oooo kelly handsome beef is very wonderful so fun hahhahahha

  9. If a reasonable person can reffer KELLY as a full 4 pointing out d facts surrounding MI’s over obnoxious lyrics…Then that person has no sense in him or her.

    4 Gods sake MI raps good but he is just wearing an over sized shoes…He talks about things he hasn’t had or done, i know 2PAC & BIG when they were in field…They said d real things & they meant it cos it’s REAL!

    Am out u ‘ll!!!

  10. Kelly handsome my guy.nd our guy.make sure u clear dos fake jos boys..feelin lik yankee breed..Kelly handsome notin wil ever do you..


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