Kanye West Signs Dbanj & Don Jazzy To G.O.O.D Music Label


American multiple awards winning artist and producer, Kanye West has today finalized his interest to sign one of Nigeria’s biggest hip-hop artistes, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly known as D’Banj & Don Jazzy to his Good Music Entertainment, a production, management and record label outfit. “GOOD” is an acronym for “Getting Out Our Dreams”.

Speaking to D’Banj’s manager, Sunday Are of List Entertainment, he confirmed that there have been talks recently but D’Banj officially signed the contract today. “Yes there have been discussions between the two parties lately. They have been exchanging contracts but now the wait is over, he said.

Sources also revealed that Kanye is interested in working with Don Jazzy. We heard he wants him to produce a song on the collaboration album he is working on with Jay Z.

John Legend and Common were the first to sign to the management and production company. Their albums “Get Lifted and Be” (both executive-produced by West) were both critically acclaimed and combined were nominated for 7 Grammy Award nominations. “Get Lifted” had three nominations and “Be” had four.

As if Mo-Hitts wasn’t big enough already. They are setting trends, and that’s just the fact.

Source: NaijaPrince.com

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  1. Nice! Really happy for D'banj! Mad hussle to get 'Ye.

    But correction in your article: Kanye first sign on to G.O.O.D Music, rappers GLC and Consequence and featured them on his debut album COLLEGE DROPOUT, a track called 'Spaceship'. He then went on to sign John Legend and Common and released their albums in 2005. Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information.

    Cheers! It's Don Jazzy again!!!

  2. Chei…..this is good money and buSsiness for the both parties involved….for more information on nigerian atiste and their bussinesses follow @naijapikin042 on twitter

  3. christian, we have to pray! d devil is tryin to get his way into nigeria, our music, our youths mind! christian we have to pray! dere is no way you can serve two masters! der is no way der wont be influences here! watch n pray christian, pls! pls youtube’Ex ministers- the truth about Hip Hop’ God bless us all and give us more knowlege! amen

    • Olufish I cant stand your kind of primitive person, where the hell are you from that hip hop is now of the devil? every other person sees success but you see the devil that means something is actually wrong with you. who's youth mind are they trying to get? or you mean all Nigerians are saints? What are you going to pray for with your fellow Christians "please God barn hip hop and send Kanye to hell" I cant stand your kind for real see you running your fingers and typing shit. You are some bum ass hypocrite and mad as hater hiding under the christian banner Christians from where i come from like hip hop too. how much of a christian are you?

  4. Mehn I am so happy for Dbanj and Don Jazzy O .. They have really done so much things in the Nigerian Muzic Industry .. I am so happy for both of them o .. Don Jazzy your the bestest .Thumbs Up

  5. @ihateolufish- God give you d grace to understand! May God open your eyes to the truth! Amen! The bibles say, ‘ my ppl perish for lack of knowlege’ ! Fine knowlege instead of fighting me!

    • you are so ignorant that's why your kind will never last in this country keep your stinking faith to your self, mind you Christianity is not the only religion in the world more over your forefathers didn't know Christianity till the foreigners brought it. Save your self and close family first before you try to save others. I can't stand you fake christian defining the bible to sooth your stupid thoughts, what are you doing on the internet instead of reading your bible.

    • Nigerians are we allergic to good things? why Bring God and religion into some one's success? we've praying for things like this now we have it we are talking about illuminati, kanye openly deny all this stories about illuminati, we all know very well even the small small street games a member cant deny being a member not to talk illuminati(thats if it's real) stop it people

  6. I love this.my boy from nigeria is really gonna hit it big with this.perhaps,be the first to win the grammy with this opportunity.but come to think of it,hope his not gona be a slave to boost the chance of kanye west to win grammy while his own home work collapses.dbanj nd don jazzy,it a gud one but hopefully……be wise.DBANJ MIA RUN GUNNER

  7. Mehn, I am tired of all this christian ppl. Serious, what does God have to do with D'banj signing onto Kanye West's record? Seriously, its one thing to predict the rapture but attacking D'banj is extremely childish. Just be happy that our fellow Nigerian is making a ground for himself in America. Ppl like you e.g. Olufish simply propagate evil not good. Are you trying to tell us that you're better than the rest of us?

    • please tell that dummy olufish, i hate christians who tend to paint God as a mean God. So he means God is gonna kill us all for being happy with Dbang. Thats how some stupid fools here in New York spent so much money to advertise that the world is coming to an and God is going to kill us all with earth quake. Can you believe that one of the fools that calls him self a christian spent all his saving totaling 350 thousand dollars to make bill board and put adverts on the train and radio. Please jaguda dont approve these kind of haters. soon they will say Dbang is anti christ

  8. Nigerians are we allergic to good things? why Bring God and religion into some one's success? we've been praying for things like this now we have it we are talking about illuminati, kanye openly deny all this stories about illuminati, we all know very well even the small small street games a member cant deny being a member not to talk illuminati(thats if it's real) stop it people

  9. abeg joo make una no job us na so 2 baba say him do collabo wit R-kelly but na all jobin i just pray say these 1 na true big up to u guys shar

  10. Youtube’ the truth about hip hop’! @ihateolufish- I never said God is goin to kill dem for join kanye or watever it is! Kanye west has openly said he sold his soul to d devil at a show! He has even put up a short video of tryin to get a demon out of his body,which was later on removed from d internet! I will never in anyway. Wish anyone evil bt if I see somthin wrong, I will talk! Kanye west, jayz, etc av used the teachings of *alister crowley*( the book 777) which teaches dem how to invoke d spirit Nephilim which gives dem power to be famous! Iam not fighting Ў☺ΰ, but d spirit dat has been sent through all dis songs of dis people Ў☺ΰ listen to! I can send you videos n ministries of these things dey hide from you! The truth will set you free! @ihateolufish- I will pray for you for ur eyes to be opened!I never said anythin bout christ comin soon n all! Bt BEWARE, d devil comes in ways you sure won’t expect! @tayo,talkin about ignorance, yes I was ignorant until I researched wat I heaed n found truth! Iam not propaganding evil! N iam not again d’banjs sucess bt ppl dere is somthin wrong here! D problem here is , as Ў☺ΰ listen to this songs you allow a spirit into you! Which takes control of you without you know! Iam a eavin withness! GOD OPEN ALL’YA EYES IJN AMEN!

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  12. Bbbbbbiiiiiiiggggggg up for baba j & d koko master niger is now at d nest level! kudos 2 dem & 4 dose pple wen dey talk arabic …………..(i no just no watin i go tel una)

  13. I ain’t surprise about the development..Dbanj and Don Jazzy are the No 1 in this hood,they are” top shoter”.

  14. First,i luv 2 read dis news about skibanj &don baba J blendin wit kanye…@olufish,i tink ds dudes are breakin new ground,stop typin on dis page and pray for good,u might b right cuz i av little knowledge about dis,GOD BLESS US ALL AND MUZIK WORLD….MO’HITZ,jah-bless

  15. Dbanj is gonna regret this in a few years. Illuminati don they creep is way to naija music! smh…. I hate 2 watch you leave from sanity Dbanj 🙁

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