Jahborne PiQanto – Maga – Response to “Maga No Need Pay”(Video)


If some people recall a couple of weeks ago, some Naija artists including Cohbams, Banky W, Omawunmi, Rooftop Mcs and MI recorded an anti-419 track called Maga No Need pay. The song has been buzzing all over the place. Well… Jahborne hear has something to say about that, and has released his own song, titled, Maga. From what I hear, he raises some good points. It’s hard to argue against his points. There have also been a couple of people that have had something to say about it. Check it out.


  1. yeah Jahbourne dis dope….. am not sure those dudes no where most record label funds are coming from!…not cobhams fault….he doesn't see the crowds(most are the Yboiz). @rooftop u beta hook up wiv boiz and get carried bitch3z!!

  2. thanks bro why isnt maga gonna pay f@#k all yah who say they aint gonna pay why????????????????they must fucking pay safe bro


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