Did Flavour’s Thankful Album Really Sell 1 Million In 5 Days?


The word going around this great thursday morning is that Flavour’s suprise release album, Thankful, has already sold 1 million copies. Popular blogger Linda Ikeji put this out today indicating that Obaino Music, the company responsible for marketing the album confirmed the figures to her.

Now the main question, how do we know for sure that this is correct. Do we just take the marketer’s word for it? But really with the population Nigeria has, and the fan base that Flavour clearly has combined with the fact that CDs are about 100-150 per copy, is 1 million records really that difficult to achieve?

The other thing to consider in this debate is that what considers record sales? Shipment to stores, or actual physical sales? And who keeps tabs? What’s the structure in place to track sales and downloads? Are they combined figures? It’s an interesting discussion especially seeing as a few years ago, MI burst on to the scene with the famous 30,000 sold in 30 minutes. Possible?

From what we’ve heard of the album (which features MI, Phyno, Chidinma, Waga and Wande Coal), it’s pretty solid, and the reviews from many have been positive but pulling in a million in 5 days is taking it to higher level.

We grabbed a couple of reactions from twitter on this subject.

So we ask you:

Do You Think Flavour’s Album Really Sold 1 Million In 5 Days?

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  1. If u know this guy’s fanbase in Enugu alone, 1 million is child’s play. There are over 180 million Nigerians for christ’s sake

  2. I just bought a copy for less than N150.00, (in traffic on Wempco road, Ogba – Lagos) and the album is LOADED! The beats were clean on the car audio.
    The rhythm and flow and his usual igbo-flavor is quite great.

  3. […] album ?Talk About It? were sold in thirty minutes; 1 million copies of Flavour?s latest album, ?Thankful? were sold in 5 days in November 2014. There was no way of verifying if these were actual sales […]


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