Ese Peters – THE ACOUSTIC EP [Download]


We just posted a teaser yesterday with a very refreshing track for the public listening pleasure. Now we’re glad to bring you the full EP. Ese peters brings a refreshing sound unlinke most you hear from the Nigerian music scene. It’s no wonder he’s very well respected in the Industry.

I’ll be downloading this and listening. You should too because if past work is anything to go by then this will definitely a good collection of work.


The Acoustic EP is the debut compilation from Nigerian singer and songwriter Ese Peters. It is a collection of five acoustic songs which were produced and performed by him. Ese Peters displayed his skills as a guitar player, singer, songwriter and upcoming producer in this EP. This EP is not Ese Peters’ debut album, it is his first body of work to be released to the public and it is an independent project. It’s a very mellow and laidback collection of heartfelt, inspirational and melodious songs.







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