Duncan Daniels Signs Deal With Artist Makers/Streamline/Interscope Records


August 15, 2011 wasn’t just a day before his birthday but also a great accomplishment for producer, songwriter and artist Duncan Daniels. Founder of Dunkishrock Production, Daniels is the newest member under Artist Makers/Streamline/Interscope Records production team. Signing at their New York Law office, Daniels will be producing hits for artists on the Artist Makers/Streamline/Interscope Production Camp such as the well-known group Mindless Behavior. The Berklee College of Music alumnus who has also been nominated for an NEA award is elated to take this step in establishing himself as a world renowned producer. Drawing his inspiration from legends such as Michael Jackson, Queen, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Bonnie Tyler and Bon Jovi; Daniels has had a love for music since the tender age of 2 during which he was mesmerized by MJ’s thriller. By the age of 9 Daniels had learnt to play the keyboard, clarifying that his talents would take him beyond his own imagination. Recognized for his production style which is often assimilated with the Black Eyed Peas sound, Daniels ability to cross multiple genres has attracted attention from key hitters within the industry since December of 2010, when discussions for a possible contract with Artist Makers under the umbrella of streamline/Interscope Records were initiated. Staying focused on his goals and allowing himself to be exposed to multiple music genres and styles, he has evolved over the years and attributes his current success to his foresight, knowing that his hard work, consistency and patience would eventually pay off. Taking a leap of faith early in the year by quitting his job in Boston and relocating to New York; he admits that he has been humbled by this process during which he learnt who his friends are, the love and appreciation he has for his fan base and ultimately how strong of an individual he is. In offering words of advice to upcoming musicians, Daniels stresses the importance of being humble enough to remain a loyal student to life and to the craft so as to enable ones dreams and passion to come to fruition without being hampered by the constraints of pride and ignorance. Daniels appreciates this opportunity and hopes to one day work with artists and producers such as Eminem, Dr Dre, Lady Gaga, Willow Smith and Kanye West to name a few. With a good ear for great music and talent, Daniels is excited to bring his creativity and unique sounds to the forefront of the music sector.
-SiSi Abebi

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  1. Congrats this guy has been grinding for a while, hope he makes it big,. I always thought he was a solid producer.


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