Dbanj – Fall In Love (Video)


Video for “Fall in love” is out… finally. Anyways… enjoy the new vid from dbanj. I’m not really sure what to say about the vid… I’ll keep my opinion to myself sha… watch and share ur thoughts.


This is not the official Video for this song according to the Mo-Hitts Crew… Video should be coming out soon.



  1. I feel like I just wasted 5 minutes of my life watching this… Like… was this vid thought of, directed and shot all in one day?… 1/5 stars. That 1 is just cos of the song sef

  2. dem quickly remove the video… the next thing now is to come up with one lame excuse that the video was for promotion… lol Absolute waste of money…

  3. okay let's officially agree that this was nonsense. Very hilarious though. i did laugh a lot but i didnt see the point or scheme. Was it he passed up the vamp, pop, ride and etc girls for the bride?!?!?! i no sabi for that one oh. pls go back and think of a proper concept.

  4. the video was so so stupid n full of some sick anorexic models i think! should have come out with a better concept and anyways whats d point of a video 2 years after d track sef. think it shuld been a bad gone goog cos of a gal period. this video is d worst video i av eva seen from a nigerian top shot.

  5. wow, i love dis video, i dont know why people are complanin about dis video, to me its very nice nd i love the concept. lol

  6. This video is crap. Anyway its not the official video so… think directors THINK!!!! There are concepts out there, c'mon!


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