Bubbling Under | Novel – The Janitor [Mixtape]



Check out mixtape from Bubbling Under Artist, Novel. I’ve had the privilege of listening to some of his work, and it’s nice. Definitely worth the download so get on it. Bio below:

Novel A.K.A Babatunde Awoderu Born 8th January 1989, in Benin city Nigeria, started listening to different genres of music from a very early age played by his parents, from the likes of Shina peters, up till the famous foreign acts of that time. Novel had a natural love for music, but never considered it as something he could really be good at. Novel became an entertainer in his Junior secondary school, because he cracked really funny jokes and knew the words of almost every song that was around.

At that time, he would perform to his seniors and fellow classmates and occasionally the hostel supervisor. Novel did not realize his talent until Late 2004, when he met Jagaceo, son of famous Nigerian actress Shan George, who encouraged him to write his own rap instead of “spitting” other artist’s ones. Gradually Novel developed himself in the art of music, getting inspiration from other artist like 50 cent, Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

Currently now studying in the United Kingdom, Novel had developed into one of the most promising acts out of Nigeria, representing Hip-Hop. Already completed a solo mix tape called “The Janitor” released in the summer of 2009. Novel is ready to show the world how to turn Music into Trickery. With his unmistakable energetic voice, crazy flow and an accent that makes you doubt if he’s really Nigerian, it’s guaranteed that this face is here to stay.



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